A Perfect Day

My little delights...

My little delights...

Tuesday May 13th 2009

Today was a perfect day; sunny, yet just cool enough to get away with wearing a stylish jacket. I went on another ‘experimental bike ride’ this afternoon. I went to north this time, in search of the famous St. Viateur bagel shop. When I reached the highway, I realized I’d gone too north, so turned around and took my first right. To my surprise, I found myself on a street I remember walking down with my friend Nicole two years ago when I was visiting her in Montreal. I followed my nose through the mix of industrial and residential streets until I finally found my way to the street the bagel place was on.

On the street corner was my favourite café: Le Cagibi! It’s the one I accidentally stumbled upon during my last two visits to Montreal. They had renovated the front of the café since I had last been there, but the inside was just a bohemian as ever; chipped paint, mismatched antique chairs and tables, and art all over the walls.

I was rather hungry after my long, uphill bike ride, so ordered the special of the day. I was presented with a bowl of carrot soup, salad with sun flower seeds, cranberries, and vinaigrette, and a toasted pressed  baguette with goat cheese, berries, caramelized onions, and greens- all for $5.50! I was in heaven! And to top it all off, they had wireless Internet, so I was able to check my e-mail and surf the net on my iPhone while I munched away.

After lunch, I went in search of the bagel bakery. I parked my bike and ventured out on foot. I soon found it, and ordered one whole wheat, and one flaxseed bagel. I passed a health food store I remembered going to with Mum last time she and I were in Montreal together, two autumns ago. They had their green supplements on sale, so I got two varieties to make up for the fact I couldn’t afford real vegetables at Loblaws’ prices. I also got rice cakes, almond pudding mix, and lemonade for $2 each. I felt very merry cycling home with my new, delicious groceries, so decided to go to Loblaws to cross off everything on my Grocery List. I bought boring stuff like cereal, pears, and juice, but decided to get a big tub of pistachio ice cream (it was calling my name, I swear!).

Once home, the two kittens that live at my sublet raided my grocery bags. They found the bagels to be the most fascinating, which was probably due to the crinkly qualities of the paper bag they were in. When I went to put the groceries away, I came back to find the black kitten eating my basil plant. The little rascal! No wonder my basil plant had been looking so sad since I brought it home from the store. It was being slowly amputated by the cats!

So, now I sit at my desk, eating crackers and contemplating making a cup of tea. I wonder what I’ll make for dinner? Hm. That will be another adventure…


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