Gardens & iPhones

Monday, May 12th 2009

Blossoms in the park.

Blossoms in the park.

Today was a very exciting day for me. I got up early and finished the poster my friend Nicole had asked me to design. It was for the picnic she was hosting for her ESL students the following week. I did 6 versions before I was happy with it. Nicole was thrilled when I showed her. Its nice when you get to do the little jobs that you enjoy.

I met her at a café at 11:00 and we enjoyed coffee and cookies together before she went off to class. While she worked on her German homework (she’s taking summer school), I checked my e-mail on her computer in the café. I was presented with four surprises: a friend from Toronto was coming to visit me on May 21st for a few days, another friend is in town next Monday for a meeting and invited me out for martinis, and an acquaintance of my mothers saw I had recently moved and invited me to a open house. I was very giddy by the time I handed the computer back over to Nicole. So many people wanted to see me! I was so excited!

In my state of euphoria and caffeine intake, I decided to go on an ambitious bike ride southwest. I came across the most curious art garden, where domestic icons of the chair, the house, etc were scaled down or up and put on pedestals (I’m embarrassed to say, but it made me feel a bit nauseated). Then, a little further down the road from was a tiny park of tulips and pink blossoms. Although the park was tiny, many people were walking through or enjoying a moment of peace on a park bench. There was this one fluffy white dog that kept coming over to say “Hi” as I took photographs. I was used to disobedient dogs, but the owner was not impressed. At least he was friendly! If it were my old dog, Billy, he’d be biting my heels! (oh Billy, how I love thee).

Afterwards, I decided to make my marvelous day even more wonderful by going to Rogers to see if they had any new iPhones in as they had been sold out last time I went …and they had some! So, I got one and the young gentleman gave me the ‘new customer’ price, which is half the retail price, so I saved a lot of money! Its so beautiful… It’s like a mini computer! I can put photos on it, listen to music, watch movies and TV, check my e-mail and the weather forecast, and organize my life in the digital day planner. It’s marvelous!

That evening, I met Nicole and her ESL students to go see the film State of Play in theatres. Tuesday was cheap night at the cinema, so our ticket cost only $4.95 (taxes included! Imagine that!). The film was entertaining. It was your typical American conspiracy thriller with the wholesome politicians battling the corporate giants. I kept thinking, throughout the movie and the way home that “I can’t believe that was under $5!” It cost less than renting! It costs less than a pint of domestic beer! Imagine that! Surreal. Montreal’s rent, metro, and movies are cheap! I love this city.

Now I sit at home, enjoying a hot cup of tea before I go to bed. It was a good day. I certainly had my fill of excitement! I wonder what tomorrow will bring? Sigh…

Blossoms in the park
Blossoms in the park

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