Dark, Grey, Clouds

View through the window by the front door of my sublet.

View through the window by the front door of my sublet.

Thursday, May 14th 2009

I didn’t slept well last night as there had been a power outage. It was rather unnerving, as I was in an unfamiliar space and no one else seemed to be around. The house is dark to begin with, and now had lost any form of dimension with all the lights went out. I felt as if I’d never been anywhere as dark this room before. There was no moonlight coming through any window, streetlamps shining or the lights of next door neighbors, or flashing LED lights of appliances. I could hear the traffic outside though, and I noticed for the first time how peculiar cars sound when going under the bridge. It was like an unearthly moan. It didn’t help my sense of insecurity as I sat in the darkness.

I didn’t have a flashlight, so used my iPhone as a light. My friend Tristan happened to text messaged me, which made me feel better. He texted to say that he’d bought the train ticket for his visit next week. So, we text messaged back and forth for a little while, and eventually I fell asleep, awaking next morning to the electricity back on.

Thursday started off with patches of sunlight, but the wind soon blanketed the sky in thick, grey cloud. I had bicycled out without an umbrella, which I soon came to regret, as I went to meet Nicole for a morning coffee at Art Java. Nicole liked the moody weather, so we got our coffees to go and sat on the front steps of the McGill music building. Nicole goes to school there, and it seemed like every other second a friend of hers would walk by. I had never experienced that at Ryerson during my four years there. Maybe that’s why Toronto-ians are known as less friendly than the rest of Canada…

After walking Nicole to class, I went to Simon’s department store to look for a pillowcase. I had only brought one with me to Montreal, and it had mysteriously disappeared from the dryer the other day. I was shocked to find that the cheapest pillowcase I could find was $12, and only 50% cotton. I couldn’t fathom paying that for a pillowcase, so left the store empty handed. I walked around hoping to find a cheaper alternative in another shop, but had no such luck. So, I went back to Art Java for a $1 coffee to use their internet (Nicole had leant me her computer for the weekend).

I went job searching, determined to find something that would allow me the luxury of $12 wasabi-coloured pillow cases. I didn’t qualify for much on Craigslist as I don’t speak French, so I moved onto the employment pages of the Bay and Le Chateau. The latter seemed most promising, with my Fashion Communication degree, but I needed to put a lot more work into my cover letter than time at a $1 coffee shop would allow. So, I copy and pasted the job descriptions on my USB to work on at home on my own computer.

When I was contemplating leaving for a spot of lunch at home, I looked outside and saw it was raining absolute buckets out there. I couldn’t possibly bicycle home in that, so decided I would have to figure out a way to stay longer in the café. I decided to get a morsel of food. They had some appetizing small wraps displayed, so I decided to order that. Their coffee was cheap, so their food would be too, right? Wrong! Once the barista had warmed up my wrap and set it on a white square plate with some greens, the number 9 shone out to me from the cash register. I was shocked! I was hungry! I stood their in disbelief. But there it was, already laid out for me to eat. Grudgingly, I handed over my precious ten dollar bill, took the plate, and sat back down.

The wrap was good. It was made with tandoori chicken, amongst other things, and it allowed me another hour of Internet pleasure in the café. My cousin was having her birthday party that weekend, so I looked into bus fares. Surprisingly, it cost more to go to Ottawa than it did to Toronto. If I sold my Asus EEE PC which I’d posted on Craigslist I could go. It was going to be a long, lonely weekend in Montreal with Nicole gone home to Niagara.

When the rain stopped, I cycled home, getting a very wet bottom despite wiping the bike seat with my sleeve. I arrived to the house as dark and quiet as usual, so I got out my tub of pistachio ice cream to console myself. It was then I had an idea- why not invite all my housemates out for a drink or supper this weekend to get to know each other? Genius! But then, we never saw each other, so how was I to ask them? I decided to resort to my co-op habit of making posters to communicate with my fellow housemates.

As no one had yet replied to my “Lost Pillowcase” poster tacked on the fridge (with a cute cartoon image of a crying pillowcase) I decided to make this one more trendy. And what’s trendy right now? Helvetica! So I designed a type-only poster and an hour later positioned it proudly on the stainless steel fridge where I was sure my housemates would notice it.

Now I sit at my computer, having just finished a cup of orange spice tea. I’ve been sitting in front of a screen practically all day, but I can’t think of anything else to do that doesn’t involve it. Its raining again, and the light is too poor in my room to read the book I brought with me from Toronto, so maybe I’ll sit here and practice my sailor knot-tying skills… bound to come in useful sometime. Algonquin anyone?


One response to “Dark, Grey, Clouds

  1. I enjoyed reading these entries! I can’t wait to visit. We shall have baguettes and cheese!

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