Petals in Puddles

Down a back alley somewhere near Laval...

Down a back alley somewhere near Laval...

Well, its another rainy day… my last two days have been spent in my isolated room watching historical dramas. I have had no energy or motivation to do anything productive. This afternoon however, I pushed myself out of bed to go to a fashion open house. An acquaintance had invited me, and I thought it would be a good chance to make some contacts in the industry and make new friends. So, I pulled on my wellington boots, grabbed my umbrella, and ventured outside.

It was pouring buckets outside and the occasional gust of wind would turn my red umbrella inside out. I decided to use my earphones on my iPhone for the first time, and played Coco Rosie to entertain myself on the walk up to Bld. St-Joseph. She is not the rosiest of songstresses, but proved to be an apt choice for my mood and rain. The walk turned out to be beautiful. I wandered through residential streets and back alleys, admiring all the fresh green trees, lilacs, and spiraling staircases.

When I got to the open house, no one was there. Apparently the rain had kept everyone away. Unfortunately, my acquaintance Emily wasn’t there, but I bought a pair of her earrings to support her work. They were the same colour as the newborn maple tree leaves after a spring rain.

On my way home, I came across the most beautiful picture: pink and white petals harbored in a puddle across the sidewalk, up to the slate blue steps of a quaint little house. It was beautiful. The colours seemed to glow in the grey twilight. Unfortunately my camera battery had died shortly after taking the picture above, so I couldn’t record this beautiful image, but take my word for it: it was lovely!

And now I’m home! Back to being a hermit in my room. I’m slowly running out of historical dramas to watch. Fanny Hill and Quills were yesterday, and I’ve already watched one Midsommer Murder today… Maybe a Cadfael now? Hm.


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