The Rustle of Leaves

Today was yet another cold, windy day. However, I felt very cheerful getting up this morning. Perhaps it was because I was closing the sale of my EEE PC, or maybe it was because my housemates were alive and well when I spoke to them while preparing breakfast. Either way, I was much more cheerful than I had been the past few days.

I met the buyer for my EEE PC G2 laptop in Old Montreal. I had many replies to my ad once I added photographs to the posting, but he was one of the few who actually sent me a polite and intelligent e-mail. So, I met him at his workplace in a beautiful art deco building. It was all brass and marble, and looked out on the Notre Dame Basilica. He was very talkative and good natured, so I gave him a good deal on the price of my computer. It helps to be friendly.

After we closed the sale of my laptop, I decided to get a hit of caffeine. I bicycled down the cobble stone roads to the water, in search of an appropriate cafe to satisfy my craving. I found a place called Marche Serafim, down a small side street that looked out on the port, and sat next to a small chapel with a gold statue of Mary out front. I ordered a black coffee and a jam cookie, and sat enjoying my simple luxuries while watching the people pass by the cafe window.

On my way home, I stopped in the park by my house to write a letter to my grandparents. It was a perfect setting for a story as the sky was so dark and grey so early in the day. Children were playing in the fountain, and running around with fallen twigs and sticks. Pigeons cooed softly at my feet and the wind sounded so beautiful, rustling the leaves of the trees all around me. I felt very content sitting there.

When I got home, I did some house cleaning, and had an avocado for lunch. Now I sit in the couch at the front of the house, listening to the traffic pass outside and the soft buzz of appliances inside. It’s been a peaceful Sunday; very restful indeed.


3 responses to “The Rustle of Leaves

  1. I’m so glad you had a lovely day darling. Alison and I went to Olson’s at Ravine in St. David’s and will take you when you are home.

  2. Nell, thanks for passing this along. Your writing is very evocative and makes me feel like I am experiencing the wonders of a new place myself!

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