Happy Dogs & Almond Scones

Monday, May 18th/19th 2009

Today I went for a picnic on Mount Royal. This park officially makes Montreal better than Toronto. Montreal may not have Kensington Market, but it does have a FOREST in the centre of the CITY!!! Like how many cities can boast that? 15 minute bike ride from home, and ta da– its as if you’re in the countryside. Montreal is fabulous!

I got terribly lost in the park, and even more lost on my way out. I was meeting Nicole and her friends at Beaver Lake for a Victoria Day picnic, and it took me an hour or more to finally get up the hill. It was a fabulous bike ride, very challenging, but enjoyable. All I could see were the glorious trees around me, happy dogs on walks, and children and their grandparents (more fit than I) charging up the hill. There were interesting waterworks as well, which I took a short video of (see above) of these brick gutters bringing water down the hill to an old fountain for horses. It was quite marvelous!

The picnic was pleasant. We sat in the sun, playing word games and munching on biscuits and cheese. Time flew by, and before I knew it, the time was 5:00! I was to meet a friend for martinis at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel at 6:00, so asked my picnic pals if they knew a quick way down the hill. They pointed me in the direction of a road that went along the Mount Royal cemetery, so I went that way. It was rather foreboding speeding down a windy hill on my rickety bicycle, riding right next to the burial ground of a thousand dead bodies. However, it is humourous in retrospect.

When I came to a fork in the road, I had no idea which way to turn. Both roads went downhill, and I couldn’t tell which way was east or west. So, I went down the one that went left, hoping it would bring me back to Parc Ave. Unfortunately it did not, and I ended up in Hampstead, the English part of Montreal.

I missed my martini date, and ended up taking the metro home with my bike, which was an adventure in itself. The Montreal metro is a series of stairs that take you very deep underground. I don’t know what the elderly or disabled do, because I could not see an elevator anywhere.

When I finally got home, all I wanted to do was sleep. So, I put on Elizabeth: The Golden Age (visually stunning film with a dull script) and called it an early night. The next morning, I got up at 8am to return Nicole’s laptop and go to Java U to try their almond scones, which a friend had raved about. They were quite good! Lemon and almond have got to be my two favourite dessert flavours. Yum yum!

So, now I sit in the McGill music library, feeling very naughty indeed posing as a music student. Today I plan to finish my coverletters for the three jobs at Le Chateau I’m applying for, and the magazine intern job too. Wish me luck!


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