French Maid

Leaves in the park

Leaves in the park

Today I went for a bike ride with Nicole. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day, so she took me to a park near my house which had a large pond and paved paths that ran under shady trees. We went round and round the park, admiring the sun tanners and happy dogs. There was even a Maison de Cyclists across from the park which made me very excited. I couldn’t stop saying its name, which was just as charming as the green canopy and old fashioned script on its windows.

We decided to go in search of ice cream. As there was nothing at this park, we decided to go to the next park over, which lies between mine and Nicole’s house. There is a round, stone Victorian building there which I’ve always been curious to go into, so Nicole decided to bring me there.

What joy! What glory! This ice cream place was amazing. They had an array of flavours of gelato, and the most delicious looking cakes. Everything was in French, so I had no clue what I was looking at, but it all looked fantastic. There was this one fine cake that I instantly wanted to try with my Mum when she comes to visit, and crepes I thought would be great fun to have with Tristan  as a treat.

The prices were very reasonable, especially considering the quality of food at hand. I got pear and caramel gelato on a sugar cone for only $2.50, and Nicole got a big, frothy milkshake made with real cocoa for only one dollar more! We sat on the yellow wooden chairs on the patio, enjoying our cool delights, listening to the Spanish guitar musician play on a bench nearby. It was lovely.

Now I sit at home, taking a break from the afternoon’s cleaning. I feel like the housekeeper. I need a little French Maid outfit. Now, wouldn’t that be cute?

But hey seriously, if you know of anywhere you can get cute French maid outfits inexpensively, let me know. It would make my work here so much more exciting. lol


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