Gallivanting Around

In a cafe with Tris.

In a cafe with Tris.

My friend Tristan came up from Toronto to visit this Thursday. We’ve been having a grand ol’ time gallivanting around Montreal. Everything have meshed together in my mind, so I can’t do a proper Thursday through Tuesday blog entry, so I will just write about today as it is fresh in my mind.

Tristan and I had a picnic today in the park by my house. We brought an avocado, sun dried tomatoes, and sprouts with us, and bought a fresh baguette and a bottle of Orangenia along the way. We made ourselves the most lovely sandwiches while sitting on the park bench, using Tristan’s pocket knife as a utensil. It was an ideal makeshift lunch.

After lunch, we went for a walk. We checked out the menus of all the Greek restaurants along the way, and went to  the SAQ to pick up some wine for dinner. The sun was hurting my eyes, so we went in search of some cheap sunglasses. We found a 2 for $10 place, where I found a vintage-look pink pair and Tristan got space-age visor sunglasses that make him look like an alien (I wouldn’t let him wear them while walking next to me).

Now I sit at home. Tristan has gone to the library to work on his essay while I finally get to write a blog entry. Yay!


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