Tapenade & Olive Oil

A beautiful planter on St. Denis.

A beautiful planter we encountered on St. Denis.

As there was no food in the house today, Tristan and I decided to go out for breakfast. We went to Coffee Depot, which has the most wonderful pastries, despite the poor name choice (really, what were they thinking?!). We each got a beer mug filled with fresh coffee, with Tristan ordering a cranberry brioche, and I an almond croissant. The croissant was amazing. It was bursting with delicious almond paste, and the outside was sprinkled with so many almond slivers that you could hardly tell that it was a croissant. I was in pastry heaven!

After we had fueled up on caffeine and sugar, we went grocery shopping. We stopped in practically every small deli and grocers along Boul. St. Laurent between Prince Arthur and Duluth. We got brie, goat cheese, tapenade, olive oil, garlic, and muffin mix. Tristan (a vegetarian) encouraged that we stop into Schwartz’s for lunch, which was fabled to have the best smoked meat in Montreal.

Schwartz’s was a burst with people, and there was a line out the door. As there were only two of us, it didn’t take long for a space at one of the tables to open up. We ordered Coke, fries and a simple sandwich, which was quickly brought to our table. We had the best service I have experienced in a very long time. Our waiter with friendly, courteous, attentive, and ideal in every way. Our entire meal cost $10.95, and the establishment was the equivalent to Honest Eds in Toronto, but I could have been eating at a five star restaurant, just judging by the wait staff. I was very impressed!

After lunch, we continued our walk, this time turning down Duluth into a part of town I believe to be the Portuguese area. It was all cobblestone roads and fabulous little houses. When we turned onto St. Denis, we came across the most delightful planter, painted canary yellow with periwinkle details (see above). It was just stunning, we just had to take some pictures. I consider myself to be an overly cautious and rather empathetic person, but in this instance I ignored all etiquette and spent twenty minutes taking photos on this person’s front steps. It was too beautiful to pass up.

Now I sit at home, having just uploaded my pictures from my camera. Tristan has gone off to the library to work on his essay, and I will do my daily job-search. Today I am going to look into telemarketing. Wish me luck!


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