Green Peppercorns

Flowers by a fence

Flowers by a fence

Today started off warm and sunny, morphing into a cold and cloudy evening. I had invited Nicole over for dinner this evening, and needed to get some last minute ingredients for the pasta dish I was making. As it was raining and very windy, I decided not to bicycle to Provigo, but to go to the little vegetable seller by my house.

The five minute walk up St. Hubert took a little longer than usual as I found the gardens along this residential street irresistible in the dull, grey light. I kept stopping to take pictures, which you can see above. Every house on the block had a beautiful garden. I imagined what it would be like to live in one of those old Victorian houses. They all looked so beautiful and well cared after. (I aspire to be a yuppie…)

At the grocery store, I found none of the ingredients I needed, so I was forced to re-plan dinner. I stood staring at the fresh pasta section for a solid ten minutes. I finally decided to pick up a package of fresh pasta, and make a creative sauce out of garlic spread, olive oil, and lemon. I picked up a jar of green peppercorns, remembering how wonderful they had been on a special Frite Alors poutine.

My bill at the grocer’s was a bit larger than I’d expected, and I left the store puzzled. Upon reviewing the receipt, I noticed I had been charged a $3 ‘epicure tax’ on top of regular taxes. What on earth is an epicure tax?! If I spoke French I would have asked the cashier. I could have bought a loaf of bread with that!

When I got home, I decided to have a little nibble on the green peppercorns, and oh what a shock I got! The ones at Allor Frites had hardly any zing at all, but these ones were an explosion in my head! The intensity of these green peppercorns was intolerable! I had to down a huge glass of lemonade and some chocolate to get the taste out of my mouth. Yikes. So much for fond memories of green peppercorns… I’m feeling rather skeptical about dinner.

Now I sit at the computer, huddled under a blanket and wearing three sweaters. To think tomorrow’s June. Brrr…


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