View from the bike park at the library.

View from the bike park at the library.

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. A sense of hopelessness had been eating away at me the past four days, and today I felt like muck. After laying in bed for an house, cuddling my pillow, I got up and applied for some jobs online at Aldo and Simons. I checked out Fairmont Hotels, Jacob, Le Chateau, La Senza, La Vie En Rose, and the Bay again, but nothing was available. So, I went on the Montreal Youth Employment site, but all those jobs seemed to involve bilingualism, or me to go to some unknown island to work at a kids camp. I search telemarketing postings too, but to my surprise, everyone I encountered required 1 to 2 years previous experience… in telemarketing? WTF?!

After doing my daily maid service, cleaning up after the boys in my house, I crawled onto my bike and coasted down the hill to the library. There was a nice garden there with sculptures and green foliage. I took some pictures, but they looked better in life than in digital. Inside the library, I presented the staff with the letter of residence my landlord had kindly wrote me. Unfortunately, the library could not accept it, and I left in a huff.

I had written my grandparents a letter, illustrated with photographs I’d took, so I needed a colour printer to print it. I grumbled to myself all the way to the photocopy place near by. However, my day brightened when I was greeted at the copier by an very attractive young man with jet black hair and thick rimmed glasses. I stood there all googly eyed as he went through the paper prices and various printing options, speaking in the most irresistible French accent I had ever heard. They may have a USB opening charge, but damn, I am so going there again. He made the most boring information sound like telephone sex.

After having my grandparent’s letter printed, and discussing business card printing options, I went for an exploration down Ontario street. It looked like a really sketchy area, and everyone seemed to be a drug addict or an alcoholic. There were some great run-down buildings I wanted to take pictures of, but I didn’t feel all that secure about whipping out my nice camera. So, I went home and did some more telemarketing job searches before sitting down to work on my dull blog entry. And here it is!

No tapenade or brie for me today!


2 responses to “Grumble…

  1. Will they let you use the library but not take books out? Sound like a good excuse to spend a lot of time there.

  2. But libraries are for borrowing out books to read in the park and to rent movies for free to watch at home…

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