Bikinis & Hamburgers

I saw this while bicycling, and thought you may enjoy it.

I saw this while bicycling, and thought you may enjoy it.

Today I went shopping with Nicole. She needed to find a bikini for her trip to Italy, and I fancied one that didn’t make me look like a highschooler. We went into countless stores but nothing fit both our bodies and out budget. Shopping was a lot of work creating a mutual craving for McDonalds that neither of us could ignore. So, we went to the food court to split a Big Mac and fries and each ordered our own dessert. I got a strawberry sundae and she an Oreo McFlurry. They were so good! We had fun dipping our fries in unusual things like plum sauce and ice cream. It was like being kids again!

After our late afternoon snack, we went to a La Vie En Rose outlet. It was bathing suit heaven for Nicole! The place was bursting with items for large bust sizes, all market down to $10 or $5. Nicole got two bathing suits, flip flops, and some unmentionables. Unfortunately, nothing fit me, but I had fun picking things out for Nicole and being her personal shopper (I didn’t get that fashion degree for nothing!). I even got Nicole into a corset! It made my day! It was thrilling to sculpture her body and exenterate her natural hourglass shape. Shopping with Nicole is so much fun!

After striking the bikini goldmine, we went to Art Java to rest our tired feet and enjoy a $1 coffee. We sat there for an hour, melting into the comfy leather armchairs. We didn’t want to move. We were so tired, but the staff started giving us “Get out or buy another coffee” looks, so we peeled ourselves from the chairs and trudged on home.

Nicole offered to make me dinner and for us to watch the film Beaches together. The dinner was a lovely pasta dish with a homemade tomato sauce bursting with veggies. The film was a bit difficult to watch due to the over-the-top 1980’s glam and the protagonist’s ego. It made me happy to have been born at the end of the era rather than before. Some good fashions came out of that period, but oh god- all that glitz and exaggeration make me want to run and hide in the cupboard.

After Beaches, Nicole and I both had a craving for beer and coconut chocolate bars. So, we went down to the Deppaneur and got a $6 six-pack, and two chocolate bars. Once back in the apartment, we plunked ourselves back down on the couch and watched the last four episodes of Sex and the City. I got totally worked up about the Russian, and Nicole said I should move to Europe. Apparently everyone wears black like I do, and have a sexy accent there.

It was quite late by the time we turned off the television, and I biked on home, going straight to bed. The next morning I woke up with a craving for almond croissants (I wondered if Nicole too was craving this at that very moment). I bicycled over to the bakery near my house, but they didn’t have any, so then I went to Cafe Depot and they didn’t have any either. So then I went to Java U across from the McGill music building, and found one there.

I don’t like that cafe (the staff are terrible! The two times I have been there they treated me very poorly) but needed the croissant. I sat down at one of the stainless steel tables next to the beautiful slate-stacked wall and wrote a letter to my grandparents. While I was sitting there, Breakfast at Tiffany’s came on the wide-screen TV across the room. I started to watch the film, and quite enjoyed it. When I first saw the film I was disappointed that it didn’t have the same romance and fantasy that made other Audrey Hepburn films such as Sabrina and Roman Holiday. But watching it then, I really felt a connection to Audrey’s character, and enjoyed the peculiar storyline. Its actually quite a good film.

Now I sit at home, debating whether to clean up the boys’ mess in the living room, to start packing for my trip to Toronto, look for apartments or rooms for rent, or to apply for more jobs online… so much to do!


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