Dying Light of Day

Sharks swimming in the wind.

Sharks swimming in the wind.

After only a month in Montreal, I found myself on the train, headed for Toronto. It felt too soon to leave my new city, but I had my convocation to go to. I had many thoughts whirling around in my head as I sat on the train.  Would I become homesick and remorseful about leaving Toronto? Would I be ridiculed by my family for not having found employment yet? Would my social life suffer?

It was real luxury taking the train instead of the bus. The ticket had been my graduation present from my dear godmother Judy. The seats and everything were pretty much the same as the bus, but the reduced time spent cooped up on board was well worth the money! I was so happy!

I had gone out dancing the night before and hadn’t gotten to bed until 3am. I woke up at 6:30am from a horrible dream that I’d overslept and missed the train. When I awoke, I felt very stressed out. I had to pick up and look at the clock a couple of times to convince myself that my dream wasn’t a reality.

I left home around 8am and found the train station relatively easily. I got a seat  by the window and entertained myself throughout the ride… admiring the old brick farmhouses and greenery we past (I even saw a deer in a field. What a thrill!)… watching an episode of This Hour Has 22 Minutes on my iPhone, writing a letter to my grandmother and aunt who live in BC… and read a book. I’ve been trying to read Fashion and Fetishism for quite awhile now and I read more during the train ride than I had in the past 3 months. The book is a historical review/essay on sculptural fashions, taking you  from ancient Crete through to the present day. It gets a bit repetitive at times with the author’s focus on womens’ corsets, but remains an interesting read nonetheless.

Once in Toronto, I found myself in a world both familiar yet foreign. It was very different from the Montreal I had become so used to. There were streams of people, all of whom seemed to be in a big rush to get somewhere. I soon became one of those people, getting into my angry-Torontian-mode. I seemed to be getting in everyone’s way with my large red suitcase, and caught myself saying “Excuse moi.” and “Merci” by instinct. It just kept popping out of my mouth! I had no idea Montreal had such an effect on me! I was speaking French in an English province! Imagine that!

I took the subway to Dundas (I still like the TTC better than Montreal transit) and managed to get disoriented in even my old stomping grounds! However, I managed to smell my way to my favourite Starbucks, which had become a second home to me during my last semester at Ryerson. I ordered a tall mild coffee to wake me up, as it would be unfortunate to fall asleep upon seeing my Mum for the first time in almost a month. It must have been my lucky day, as the barista accidently poured me a grande, which I was more than happy to accept.

I caught the 4:30 bus to Grimsby and was met at the bus station by my Mum. An old friend of ours was having a huge 60th birthday party at their house in the country, so we went straight to that. The party was so big, that they’d rented out the entire B&B next door to house their out-of-town guests and to increase the amount of party space. There were many hotshots from the Canadian art scene there and lots of food. I wandered around taking pictures of the gorgeous property (see above*), admiring the artistic designs people wore (Oh, the jewelry and clothes some people were just so stunning!), and occasionally struck up conversation with people I knew… or thought I knew.  It was a pretty spectacular party.

Mum and I went for a walk in the woods before heading home. It was so nice being in the country! There was dames rocket blooming everywhere, which seemed to glow in the dying light of day. Everything was so lovely.

It’s quite funny to consider that I have spent an hour or more in four different cities/towns in a single day (Montreal, Toronto, Grimsby, St. Catharines). And now I sit at the computer at my Mum’s house, all cozy in my pajamas, with a hot cup of tea at my side… writing to you! Yay!

*unfortunately I am unable to upload the pictures from my regular camera… but I did manage to upload the ones I just so happened to take on my iPhone of the B&B’s wind chime at the party! The backyard appeared to have a fish theme. There were many fish shaped objects around.


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