My First ‘Real Job’ Interview

I took this photo awhile ago, but I think it describes my day well.

I took this photo awhile ago, but I think it describes my day well.

I had my first ‘real’ job interview today, and what a palava it was! It was at the Aldo headoffice off the island, so I left two hours early to make sure I found it in time for my 9:30 am interview. I got Google Map transit directions, which instructed I take the bus and get off at Sears Stn. and walk to Emile Belanger Blvd… however when I got off at the stop, I found myself in a industrial wasteland, with the streets Cavendish and Thimes stretching on as far as I could see- no Emile Belanger Blvd in sight! There was no one around, just cars whizzing past on the highway. Desolate.

I didn’t have my map of Montreal on me, so called my Mum. Luckily she was home (such a blessing!) and she went onto the computer and helped me zig zag my way through the wasteland to the Aldo head office. It was rather traumatic, but I did appreciate the romping through the meadows. It was nice to be surrounded by wildflowers and trees, listening to the birds chirp.

I got to my destination ten minutes early. The Aldo international headquarters were quite stunning. From the outside, it looked like this big box plopped in the middle of brushland, but inside I found that it was all glass with rich red wood detailing and white walls which hung beautiful paintings.

I checked in with the hostess, and sat down to review my interview notes. The waiting area consisted of these blob-like red pedestal chairs beneath a glass ceiling. It was quite pleasant sitting there in the sun. Soon, another girl walked in, with a bell somewhere on her person that tinkled away when she walked. She sat down across from me. Apparently she had an interview at 10am, but was then called into the interview room before I was. I began to fret that I maybe had missed my name being called, and went up to the hostess to ask. She told me not to worry and that they would call me when they wanted to see me. So, I sat back down and waited for… over an hour.

People came and went. Buyers conversed in the lobby. Businessmen shook hands. Girls in short skirts and high heels hobbled down the grand staircase and came in and out of doors like bees in a hive. The tinkling girl with the 10am interview soon came out and then went up the staircase and disappeared into the second-floor unknown. I was getting very worried that I was never going to get my interview. Had I missed an e-mail or a phone call saying they no-longer wanted to see me? Why did people with interviews with the same woman as me get to go before I did, although there’s were scheduled later?

Eventually, a woman came up and asked me what I was doing there. I told her my name and interview time, and before I could tell her who my interviewer was, she disappeared into thin air. About ten minutes later, my interviewer appeared. I remembered seeing her earlier walking hurriedly around, as she had the most stunning dusty rose jacket one with a huge lapel. She apologized profusely, explaining she had forgot to write me in her book and ushered me into her office.

The interview went poorly. I stumbled over my words, and the “About Me”, “Strengths/Weaknesses”, and “Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years answers” I had rehearsed were not asked. Instead I got asked “Tell me when you went above and beyond expectations.” and “Tell me about Ryerson.” which I had great difficulty answering. I have yet to become eloquent in such situations. I was just so nervous and stressed after waiting for over an hour in the lobby that I couldn’t string my words together. I must have come off as a total goof.

Now I sit at home, trying to plan my life. It doesn’t really help that the internet is on the blink… but oh well, we shall make do. And eat chocolate. Yes, chocolate.


2 responses to “My First ‘Real Job’ Interview

  1. Thomas Fincher

    Yep, never been to an interview yet that asked the seemingly always expected “Tell us about yourself”, “What are your strength and weaknesses?”, and “Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?”. Unless one counts getting asked what one’s plans are for after graduation. “Graduation? I can’t even begin to dream that far ahead, let alone plan it.” Well, I didn’t say that, but my answer likely seemed just as ridiculous.

    Granted, I’ve only done two interviews (plus one fake interview during some mandatory course at high school), and both of those were just courtesy interviews, so I’m not the voice of on this subject.

    Since I was not present at the interview, know the company, the position being applied for, or how they recruit, I won’t waste words with reassurance that will just come across as empty words, but I will remind you that they are at least interested in you enough to take the time to interview you.

    That is something at least, perhaps not much given the importance of how the interview goes, but it is something. And you’ve gained experience with interviews that will prove valuable till that distant day when you finally retire.

    Always look on the bright side of life, such as chocolate or a fine cup of Earl Grey.

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