Fabulous Few Days

My photography skills seemed to get more artistic with champagne.

My artistic skills seemed to have improved with the champagne.

The last few days have been fabulous. On Thursday, Nicole cooked me dinner in celebration of my convocation. There was chicken smothered in honey and Dijon mustard, corn, and baked potatoes with sour cream. It was all delicious, hearty food. After dinner, I got a surprise gift sent by her mother- champagne! It took the three of us 20 minutes to open the bottle though. It was quite the ordeal! Aria pulled while I pushed, making our thumbs numb, as we giggled away. Eventually we took a knife to it, then a pair of scissors. The cork popped quite un-expectantly once I used the handles of the scissors on either side. We all squealed and ducked. Nicole caught it all on videotape- but its so embarrassing, I don’t think anyone will post it.

The next night was Nicole’s going away celebration. She was leaving for Italy to work at a consulting firm the next day, so a bunch of us got together to wish her fairwell. We went to a bar with grass-covered walls, Tintin themed tables, video projections, and an electric bull. The electric bull was the star of the night. Everyone wanted to ride it. Aria made the evening’s record, lasting a full 77 seconds on it. She and Nicole were very sore on the walk home. It was quite funny. I was still very energetic when I got home, so tidied my room and did pointless tasks such as filing my nails. I didn’t end up turning the light out until 4am- rather unusual for me!

Saturday was Emily’s birthday, who is a St. Catharines native like myself, working in the costume design industry for theatre. She invited some of her friends over for supper and made the most amazing pizza from spelt flour! It was absolutely divine and a guilt-free indulgence. Once well fed, we went to a Canadian short film screening at a random place on St. Denis. The films had a strong art-school feel to them, combining illustration, photography, and vector animations. I felt like I was at OCAD.

At intermission, we snuck into a dance performance* nearby which her friend was performing at. It was held in a run-down, empty pool, likely from the 1930’s. The first piece had a very S/M look to it, with a hooded man with two collared girls with chains like puppet strings. The second was very hipster- with an American Apparel worthy gentlemen in only yellow booty shorts and big red sunglasses. He danced away to a bad disco song while stuffed animals were tossed at his vibrating body. The third piece was the most impressive, with two lovers throwing each other around, running up walls, doing a lot of jumping and falling. It was a very emotional piece, and I felt it depicted the trials of love very well. It looked both emotionally and physically painful as the dancers were being very vicious on the hard, cold tile of the empty pool!  The final piece was very funny, with the lead dancer dressed up as a janitor with a big moustache. He eventually turned into an owl, with a big paper-mache owl head on his shoulders and wings attached to his arms. By then, he was a very confused janitor/bird.

After the dance, we sat in the parking lot drinking beer with Emily’s friends. It was a lovely night and it was very peaceful. Her friends from the dance show were going to Dieu de Ciel for a drink, so we followed. It was a nice place, similar to the Merchant Ale House in my ‘hometown’ of St. Catharines. It had a wide variety of unique beers, including one that was pink, called ‘hibiscus rose’. I wasn’t drinking that night, so just ordered tap water. I tipped the waiter well, which proved to my benefit as he kept refilling my glass whenever it was empty. I got my 8 glasses of water that day.

On Sunday, Dunter, a friend I’d made at a dinner party awhile back, invited me out for supper. We went to the Village, and randomly picked a contemporary Mexican restaurant. We had salmon pate with a coriander sauce drizzled on top, with salt that looked like rock crystals on the side, salad, and an unknown meat dish. It was all beautifully presented on square plates, and tasted far better than any Mexican food I’d had before. After dinner we went to Sky, a gay bar which had hot tubs on their rooftop patio (Montreal has the craziest bars!). I asked the waiter what they had on top, which he replied “White, red, and blue.” in English, which was the extent of his English skills. It was adorable. I ordered half a pint of the ‘red’ beer, and enjoyed the view of the city and Mount Royal from the patio. Once I had finished my beer, we went to a nearby park, where Dunter showed me how to tie a variety of marine knots. I found it all rather interesting. I can’t decide whether knot tying is an art or design, but whichever it is, its pretty cool!

Around 8pm, I headed home to work on the concepts for the business card I am designing for Aria. I did about 7 concepts while listening to Amon Tobin and Daft Punk to aid in the creative process. I went to bed at a decent hour, and ta-da, it’s Monday morning! I am sitting by the open window typing away, enjoying the sun and the breeze. It’s a lovely day! I think I will go to the post office today and take advantage of this gorgeous weather.

*Piss in the Pool preformed by wants&needs danse at Bain Saint-Michel.


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