Sunshine & Tears


Today has been full of ups and downs. I woke up this morning still feeling very exciting about all the potential jobs I’d applied to the night before, and the two rooms available for rent overlooking St. Louis Square (my favourite neighbourhood). It was so thrilling that I had trouble sleeping last night. I tossed and turned, tossed and turned, until I finally had to get up to read a book. That helped me fall alseep.

When I went onto Facebook this morning, I received some upsetting news from a friend. I sat in my room moping about it for a bit, before deciding to get out of the house and go for a walk to think it all over. Caitlin called me to console me during my walk, as she was on break at her workplace.  She made me feel a lot better. Caitlin is always good at reminding you of the important things in life, so t hat your little problems don’t seem so overwhelming anymore.

I had brought my camera to cheer myself up by taking pictures. Photography is so enjoyable. It really requires you to open your eyes to appreciate and admire the beauty around you. You have no choice but to forget life’s disappointments but you’re behind the lens of a camera.

I thought I would triple-task and walk around the neighbourhood I want to live in to see if there were any for rent signs. There were a couple large apartments, but no rooms or small affordable apartments posted. I really hope I can find a place in this neighbourhood. Its so beautiful, and everything is so close by- including friends!

Now I sit at home, having uploaded my photos. I posted the one I like best. I like the simplicity of it, the textures, shapes, and colours. Maybe I’ll have a nice garden one day?


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