Smiling Cyclists & Bobbing Poodles

A beautiful encounter during my walk.

A beautiful encounter during my walk.

I went to bed very early last night, awaking 3 times and falling back asleep. At 10am, I woke up and laid in bed for ages, reluctant to face the day. It seemed extra-quiet today. No one stirred in the house or the apartment upstairs, and even the neighbour’s air conditioner seemed quieter this morning.

I eventually got up and looked in the fridge. I was running out of food… and today was Jean Baptise Day- the Quebecois version of Canada Day. I decided to go for a walk and see if I could find a grocer’s that was open. I put on my white summer dress and my big straw hat with the bow, and ventured outside.

It was beautifully sunny, warm day. There were smiling cyclists on the bike path, bobbing poodles on the sidewalk, and children running around the street. I walked up St. Hubert, which is another of my ideal neighbourhoods, and took pictures (see above) while searching for A Louver signs. I found that the local grocer’s was open, so went into buy some vegetables. It was a bustle with people, making shopping in the thin aisles very difficult. Celery and mushrooms had gone up in price, so I had to sacrifice the dill for my soup. I used the extent of my French with the cashier, then left feeling very pleased with myself.

Now, I’m sitting at home… and I think I’ll go make a new pot of soup!


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