Cake & Conquest

After the rain.

After the rain.

On Friday, I helped Emily move out of her apartment… and goodness- what a workout it was! Carrying boxes up and down four flights of stairs for three hours was quite intense (and did I ever feel it the next day!). Emily however, was like superwoman. She even managed to carry furniture down with the boys! I was very impressed!

Emily gave me a few French fashion magazines, last spring’s issue of Print, a French phrase book, fashion accessories… and lunch! Not only was I getting exercise, but being showered with gifts and food! I had my nose glued to the copy of Print magazine when I wasn’t moving any boxes. There was an interesting article of digital textile printing, and the re-design of classic young adult book covers through the ages. Fascinating!

After moving, I went home to quickly shower and get dressed for my first Montreal room viewing. It was a small room in a huge stone Victorian mansion turned apartment building. The bedroom window over looked St. Denis and Carre St. Louis where I go for ice cream. It is ideally located and the apartment would be shared with three Francophone arts students. After I had asked every question imaginable, I agreed to take the place. They said they still had to show it to four more people, and would give me their answer on Tuesday. Such a long wait!

After the viewing, I went for a bicycle ride around the Plateau. I didn’t know what to do with myself, so once I’d had enough cycling, I plopped myself down in front of the computer and watched episodes of the Tudors and Allo Allo online while eating a bowl of soup. Season 3 of the Tudors was very disappointing. There was a lack of attractive men and soft-core porn scenes as had made season 1 so enjoyable. I can always depend on Allo Allo to please me. I was in such stitches of laughter that the other subletter where I’m staying had to come out and see what all the fuss was about. I love Allo Allo!

After I had watched a fair amount of online television, I went job searching. I went onto the careers pages of American Apparel, Bedo, Bluenotes, Body Shop, Buffalo, Dynamite, Forever 21, Gap, HBC, H&M, Jacob, La Senza, La Vie En Rose, Lululemon, Parasuco, Pottery Barn, Simons, Suzy Shier, Structube, Sears, Tristan & America, Urban Planet, Urban Outfitters, and Winners. Out of all those places, the only one with a visual merchandiser position available in Montreal was Urban Planet and Dynamite, so I applied there. I think I need to think of an alternative career path, since graphic design and visual merchandising seem to not be working out for me at the moment.

I went to bed feeling a bit forlorn, and was awoken in the morning by the pitter patter of rain outside my window. I lay in bed, watching the rain drops splatter on the concrete outside, while a cool breeze caressed my bare legs. The cat came in and started to eat my pears, so I had to get up to brush him away (has anyone ever heard of a cat that likes fruit?!). I made myself some breakfast, then ventured out into the rain with my red umbrella.

I walked around until I found a cafe where I ordered a large coffee. I sat watching the rain outside and the people in the café. I decided to walk back through the park, and went into the gelato stand in St. Louis Square. I asked if they had cake, and they did, so I got a little slice of a cake I’d never had before. They served it to be on a boat-like plate made from some sort of dried husk. The staff were thrilled to have me. I was their first customer of the day.

The cake was a bit odd. Reminded me of red bean cake, but I doubt it was that, as it came from a very French café. I walked home in the rain, eating my little slice of cake in a very creative manner, holding both it, my purse, and my umbrella all at once. Now I sit at home listening to Yo-Yo Ma and Arvo Part while drinking a very large glass of water… I guess now I’ll work on my online portfolio. With cake, I can conquer the world!


3 responses to “Cake & Conquest

  1. Thomas Fincher

    If you’re beginning to consider an alternative career path, my suggestion would be writer or journalist/columnist.

    Another difficult field to get into, but you have the talent for it.

  2. Awe- thanks Thomas! I dunno if I have the grammar for it, but I do enjoy writing this blog! (I wanted to be a novelist as a child. Maybe I should re-visit that childhood dream)

  3. Thomas Fincher

    I’d say that you have the grammar for it. If you search around on the web, you might some sites/blogs looking for someone such as yourself. Nothing paid, but it pads the resume.

    If you’re looking for some unpaid design work that will pad your resume and might just tickle your fancy, check out this site:

    You won’t be getting paid, but you will get to do work related to your career choice and having the United Nations on your resume looks rather nice.

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