A Particularly Rainy Day

On Pins, near the Portuguese bakery.

On Pins, near the Portuguese bakery.

It rained ALL DAY today. I had alot of errands to do, so took the metro to McGill. The metro was doing a lot of funny things this morning. On the orange line, it did these unexpected jerky stops and starts, then when I switched to the green line, the doors didn’t open for the longest time while we sat at a stop! Very preculiar.

I went to the post office to mail some letters, then went to Lianna’s work to say hi. When I requested staff to speak to her, a confused albino named Rhinna came over to me. Once we had clarified the name mix-up, I was told Lianna wasn’t in work today, so I left and went in search of a Blacks Photography to print some photographs. I had looked up the address online, to find that there were only two in Montreal. I went in search of the one in Place Ville Marie, however no one there knew what I was talking about. Eventually I found out that its called Astral Photographie in Quebec, and managed to get my 66 photos printed there. I then returned a shirt to Simons which I had bought and then realized I couldn’t afford, grabbed a $1 coffee at Art Java, amd went to YES- the youth employment agency.

YES was on the 7th floor of an obscure building on Sherbrooke. I had got the impression from their website that you could drop in any time, but when I got there, the sepretary said that I would have to come back on either a Tuesday or a Friday between the hours 1:50 and 4pm to attend a job-search workshop before they would even look at my resume or help me with my job-search. Well thanks. I left there a little peeved, but decided to return the next day at the alloted hours.

I walked home, stopping in at the grocery store to pick up some juice and an avecado for my lunch. Alot of stores seemed to be closed- including the ice cream store in the park. I presumed it was either due to the persistant rain or the fact it was a Monday.

When I went to return my groceries to my house, I found a postcard from Natalija and a letter from Nicole at the doorstep. I sat on my bed and read them, listening to the rain, and missing them deeply. I decided to write them both back, and ventured out in the rain again to go to the postoffice once more that day. I stopped into Dollarama and Jean-Coutu on my way to pick up some envelopes and a photo album for my freshly printed photos. I then walked up to the Duluth Community Centre to sign-up for their July beginner French lessons. During the walk there, I came across a community garden with tiger-lillies growing through the fence. The sight struck a cord with me and I took various pictures of the fence and gate, one of which I have posted with this blog post.

Now I sit at home, having done the second load of dishes today, and trying to decide whether to watch an episode of Hercule Poriot or do the laundry. I think I’ll aim for the Hercule Poriot. My socks can wait.


One response to “A Particularly Rainy Day

  1. Hi dear Nell,
    I think that your decision to return the next day to YES- the youth employment agency for their job-search workshop is a very good idea. These places know so many things that we don’t, and I bet they will give you ideas that you wouldn’t think of on your own. Many years ago in Montreal, a similar organisation helped me so much.
    Sending love your way, June Etta

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