Rubber Duckies & Bubble Bath

A rather entertaining window display near my house.

A rather entertaining window display near my house.

I woke up this morning feeling rather blue, so I decided to have a warm bubble bath before going to work. I noticed a little rubber ducky sitting by the sink, so decided to plop him into the bubbles for fun. He was a squeaky duck, so I entertained myself by shocking the household cats by squeaking at them from the depths of the bubbles… The expression on their little furry faces was priceless. It cheered me up a little.

After my bath, I checked my e-mail. I had gotten a reply from the H&M in St. Catharines saying that I did not have enough experience to be a visual merchandiser for them. This was quite a blow to my confidence… not even the H&M in St. Catharines wants me! I have a bachelor in fashion, 5+ years retail experience, done visual merchandising as part of my sales position for three companies, and got an ‘A’ in the visual merchandising course offered at Ryerson University. What more could you want? Visual merchandising is not heart surgery! Aargh!

I decided to do a quick edit of my resume and cover letter before heading off to work. This however was hindered by me tripping over the computer cord on the way to turn on my printer… so I had to re-do all my edits and formatting. This took far more time than planned and when I looked at the clock next, I had just ten more minutes to get to work! I cycled like mad down Sherbrooke, popped my resumes in the mailbox outside my building, and got into the classroom right on the dot. I was victorious!

Nicole had gotten me a job at McGill as a conversation partner for level 4 ESL students. Its two hours a day, Monday through Friday with a two hour break in-between each hour. Today was my second day on the job. Yesterday no one had come to my second hour, and today no one came to my first. There was, however a nice chap from the Middle East sitting in my classroom, studying for his statistics exam. We got chatting, and it turned out he was a graphic designer and had worked all over the world. He was very interesting, and we discussed the industry, fashion, and culture. It was so nice to talk to someone who was into the same things as me. I hope he comes to study in my classroom again!

During break, I went to the post office to buy stamps, visited Lianna at her workplace, and sat in Starbucks to write my grandparents a letter while I ate a chocolate chip cookie. When I returned to the classroom, I had three students! We talked about the cultural differences between Asia and Canada, Toronto and Montreal… and how all Canadians seem to get depressed.

The latter topic was particularly interesting to me, as I have been feeling rather miserable these past three months over my lack of work and friendships falling apart. A Korean made a very good point at how Canadians have everything which creates boredom, and when things don’t go the way they want, they get upset instead of just going with the flow of things. This made sense to me, as I have had everything given to me throughout my life, and when all of sudden I have to make my own way in the world, I found out I can’t have what I want, even when I work hard for it. I didn’t tell this to the students of course, but was thinking about it afterwards.

Class actually went seven minutes over time as we were all very involved in the conversation. I rushed to Art Java to have coffee with Rojin, I friend I had made through Nicole. I hadn’t seen her since mid June, so it was great to catch up over a cup of $1 coffee. After we had drained our cups, Rojin decided to show me the good sale racks in the mall for future reference. A particularly good one apparently is at Tommy Hilfiger where you can get jeans for $20. The denim felt so nice! Then we popped into Aqua to see if my bikini had gone on sale yet and Jacob Lingerie to see if the cotton robe I’ve been eying had gone on sale. I’ve been going in each week since late May to check on the bikini, and since the beginning of July for the robe, but it seems everything was goes on sale in the store but those two thing!

Rojin proposed that we go see the Proposal as it was cheap night at the movie theatre. It wasn’t regularly a movie I’d go to see, but how could I say no when the tickets are under $5 on a Tuesday! I was rather excited to go see a chick flick, but decided I needed food before I could sit through a movie. Rojin took me a Lebanese/pizza joint where they had $2.50 falafels. Afterwards, we met a friend of hers at the theatre and went to go get seats. The movie was sold out, and we couldn’t find even two seats together! So, we refunded our tickets and her friend offered to treat us to a pint of beer instead. We went to a very traditional looking Irish pub to have Guinness. I hadn’t had Guinness in forever, and thoroughly enjoyed its thick creamy texture. It was great fun and I biked home very happy! A good end to my day.


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