3 Cups of Coffee

The one decent house on the block. Too bad they weren't renting! Sweet window display!

The one decent house on the block. Great window display! Blue bottles galore!

Despite the fact I was up until 4am last night, I woke up relatively early. I downed two cups of coffee, yet still felt droopy eyed. I had a warm bubble bath and went to make  a fried egg for breakfast. Unfortunately, the one egg left in the carton was cracked, so  I snooped around the cupboard to find something else to eat, but came out empty handed. No brecky for me!

I put on my interview dress (my black wrap dress from BEDO) and prepared my notes for my second room viewing. It was conveniently located in a duplex behind Laurier metro station, close to the grocery store, post office, and not that far from the trendy area of Montreal. However, the neighbourhood the house was in was like a concrete wasteland with ill-kept houses squashed in tightly next to one another. I was not impressed by the outside of the house, nor the inside. The room had such a low ceiling that even I bumped my head! The backyard was all poured concrete- ground and wall, with a chicken wire canopy! Not even the balcony of the house was attractive- it was covered in old brown carpeting. I politely said thank you to the landlord for showing me the room, but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. That was an understatement.

As I was so close to St. Vitateur, I decided to go visit my second cousin Emilie. She had recently moved to Montreal and now lived with her boyfriend over his antique shop, Monastiraki. I had never met her before, but we got on quite well. She was very nice and we had a lovely conversation. She showed me one of her tapestries (she’s a fiber artist) which was amazing! It was a large scale line drawing of a swimmer, embroidered by hand with black thread on white wool. The embroidery seemed to just float over the fabric! It had a very light and airy feel to it despite the use of the high contrast combination of black on white. I loved it!

As I was only a few doors down from La Cagibi, I decided to pop in there for another cup of coffee. When I got to the counter and saw all their baked goods, I realized how hungry I was! So, I ordered a bowl of spicy carrot ginger soup with came with two slices of fresh bread. It was delicious!

I savored my soup and the setting. All around me were young and attractive hipsters having interesting conversations, drawing, reading, and surfing the net. It was a great atmosphere to be in. I hope I can find a place to live close to Le Cagibi so I can go there more often seep in it’s young, artistic culture.

Now I sit at home. The house is silent. The only sound is the neighbour’s air conditioner gently humming away. I will go work on my resume and cover letter now. I’m applying to Starbucks tomorrow!

PS: If you like typ10ography, you may find this hilarious! I’ve just been giggling away reading this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/larsveldkamp/sets/72157607710779069/


2 responses to “3 Cups of Coffee

  1. Hi Nell,

    I always read your blog. They’re very beautiful. When I’m next in Montreal, we must get together and exchange stories of our experiences when first arriving in the city.

  2. ha ha ha – the typography link I mean!

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