Fluffy Clouds

Amazingly an unaltered photograph of flowers against a shadowy garage near French lessons.

Amazingly an unaltered photograph of flowers against a shadowy garage near French lessons.

I woke up this morning to beautiful blue skies and voluptuous clouds as fluffy as goose down. Mother nature appeared to have quite the mood swings today, as the weather flipped back and forth between an idyllic sky and torrential downpour throughout the day.

My summertime cold had worsened, so all I wanted to do was lay in bed and snooze. As typical when sick, I have extra motivation to primp myself up. So, I put on make-up, my favourite Talis silver jewelry, high heels, and styled my hair before heading off to French class.

Today’s French class focused on numbers, yet to me it was like counting sheep. I sunk into my chair, cradling my thermos of coffee, fantasying about bed. After class, I stopped by the Tim Horton’s by work to pick up some chicken noodle soup before heading into the ESL conversation class I lead.

George, the Middle Eastern graphic designer was in my classroom again. As no students turned up for me to teach, he and I got chatting about food and music. He asked me if I liked classical music, and when I answered yes, he said that he could tell straight away from the way I dressed. I found this rather interesting and asked him what he liked. I was rather shocked by his answer- he liked pop, as in Rhinna and Michael Jackson! As I was unfamiliar with that type of music, he put on a play list of his favourite tunes and we examined each song. It was fun!

During break, I went to Starbucks and Copie Express to drop off my resume, then went to Pharmaprix (Shoppers Drugmart) to pick up some cold medication and Kleenex. While in line at the cashier, a well dressed older gentleman started talking to me in French. It was obvious I had no clue what he was saying, so he switched to English, complementing on my beret and reminiscing on wearing one in his youth while in the Swiss Alps. We got chatting on the different varieties of berets, which I was more than pleased to discuss as I am a millinery enthusiast. When he asked why I didn’t speak French, I told him I had recently moved here from Southern Ontario- and he is the first one to be like “Oh- the Niagara wine country?” YES! Thank you for knowing!

After I had popped some pills and equipped myself with enough Kleenex to last the day, I went back McGill to teach my second ESL conversation class- yet no one showed up again! So, I sat alone in the classroom surfing the Net on my iPhone and working o my French homework until my shift was over.

After work, I met my cousin Kate and her husband Duane at the corner of St. Laurent and Prince Arthur. They were in town for the day and offered to take me out to dinner. We went to a wonderful restaurant on St. Denis at Duluth called Restaurant L’academie. It was BYOB, so Duane picked out a bottle of white wine out for us at the SAQ  next door. We each got a huge plate of mussels with fries and fresh bread, which was only $11 (Sunday to Wednesday special). It was such a treat! The quality of the food, service, and ambience was wonderful. Duane and I each got mussels in a spicy cognac cream sauce with green peppercorns and spring onions, and Kate got mussels in a white wine sauce. The combination of the sauce and the actual wine got me a tad tipsy! Dinner was then followed by the restaurant’s homemade amaretto ice cream and Kate had crème brûlée.  Both were fabulous! I strongly recommend the restaurant. Everything was right!

I said thank-you and goodbye to Kate and Duane at the corner of St. Denis and Cherrier and head home. Now I sit at my desk with my iTunes on shuffle with a tall glass of water. I’m in party mood now!


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  1. Hunh, I just learned the meaning of “Millinery”

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