Gooey Goodness

Second oldest tug boat in the world and a grain stilo.

Second oldest tug boat in the world and a grain silo, as seen from the bike path.

Today I went cycling with my friend David. It was nice to get out of the house, as I’ve been sick with a nasty summer cold for the past week. I buzzed up on cold medication before meeting him at St. Louis Square. He’s a serious cyclist, who can go up to 58 km an hour… then there’s me slowly, peddling away on my squeaky, rickety bicycle.

We went down to Old Port and cycled all over the place! We went down various bike paths, onto some little island, through the brick-paved streets and green parks. We had originally planned to go for ice cream and as I had forgotten my water bottle, I was in extra need for ice cream for hydration. I got raspberry cheesecake on a sugar cone. It was pink, gooey, goodness! We walked around old Montreal for a bit before heading to Park Lafontaine to cycle around the pond and the perimeter of the park. It was great fun!

Once home, I made a big pot of vegetable soup to last me the work week, before settling down to watch a movie. I decided to watch The Mists of Avalon, as I had heard that Loreena McKennit had done the score. It turned out to be a very long movie, and rather depressing, so I decided to switch to something else. By then, my roommate Andrew had come home. He proposed we watch Two and a Half Men, which I had never seen before. We put on the pilot and had a good laugh, but I felt like every possible joke had been pulled in that one 22 minute episode. Mind you, people say the same of Allo Allo, and I love that dirty show!

Now I sit at my desk, enjoying the cool evening breeze coming through the window and the comforting sound of smooth, city traffic. It’s a beautiful night. Maybe I’ll go for a walk? We’ll see…


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  1. This made me smile 🙂

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