Eating Fresh Mango

Tigerlillies enjoying the sunshine (outside French class).

Tigerlilies enjoying the sunshine (outside French class).

Today was quite the day. I woke up feeling a lot better. All that remained of my cold was a slightly sore throat. The weather was quite nice too; warm and sunny! So, I went to French lessons feeling perky even without having had a cup of coffee. Lessons went relatively well (despite getting lost with the whole French verb thing). We learnt how to discuss hobbies and other pleasures of life, as well as the titles for family members etc…

When I got to work that afternoon, George was sitting in my classroom again. He was trying to write an e-mail to an estranged cousin who he hadn’t spoken too in 3 years. I had a similar experience myself that weekend, writing to an estranged friend, so I gladly helped him along with the process. After helping him edit the e-mail, some students came in for some ESL help, so I sat down with them to help them with their spoken English.

During class I got a phone call. I picked up the message after class to find out I had a job interview (yay!) as a administration assistant at a fashion company. I excitedly called the company back and booked a 2:00 interview with them on Thursday. Wish me luck!

During break, I went home to make lunch. I had some vegetable soup with toast while spending some leisurely time on the Internet. When I went back to McGill, no students turned up until the very end of my shift. I had an appointment at 4:45 to view an apartment, so could not offer them any over time. The student was very understanding and agreed to come back the following day.

I was viewing my first apartment. It was a 2 bedroom by Guy-Concordia metro, only $700 a month, which split between two girls would be very cheap indeed. It was in a 4 story apartment building, likely built in the 1930’s. The landlady was very nice, and lead me up the winding staircase to the apartment.

My first introduction to the place was the poorly patched up door. Someone had done a number on the panel by the door knob (the place had been recently robbed). The destruction had been poorly covered with a panel of wood that was just begging to be pound in again. Once inside, I found that the walls of the apartment were covered with graffiti with odd patches of maroon paint splattered here and there. The living room and kitchen were quite sweet; small and very sunny. However, the two bedrooms were unfairly designed. One was relatively large, with a big window and a closet. The other room could hardly fit a sofa, windowless, lacked a closet, and had a hole in the wall. This would not do!

I left feeling very disheartened, so I walked around the area looking for ‘A Louer’ signs. There happened to be a lot, so I called each 2 bedroom ad. They ranged from $950 to $1300. I reluctantly made an appointment to see the $950 one the next day and bicycled grumpily home. Split between two girls, that would be the equivalent of renting a room in Toronto… and I didn’t much fancy living in a part of Montreal that looks like Toronto and paying Toronto prices. I had left the city for a reason!

I made curried chicken for dinner and sat eating fresh mango while listening to classical music with my roommate Lianna as we discussed our daily glories and traumas. Now she’s gone to bed, and I sit here writing. I’m rather sleepy too. I think I’ll follow suit.


3 responses to “Eating Fresh Mango

  1. What a day!
    I’m glad your cold found its way to the death row 😛
    Good luck with the interview 🙂
    And I’m sure you’l stumble on the right apartment eventually!



  2. P.S. It did sound like you had found a nice place when we spoke…!
    Please light my lantern! ( direct translation of a french saying 😛 )

  3. I have noticed many mentions of your beret in the blog and would like to post a photo showing how your beret-wearing is entirely without pretension and came to you naturally. Is there a way for me to post to your blog?

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