Martini Muffin

I saw this during my apartment hunt today. Fitting for the conversation.

I saw this during my apartment hunt today. Fitting for the conversation.

I woke up this morning to find 5 strangers sleeping in the living room of my house. It was a bit of a surprise to say the least. I tried to be as quiet as possible while I did my morning chores… made coffee, loaded the dishwasher, fed the cats etc… I don’t know how they slept through it all!

I hadn’t slept well that night myself, as I was so excited about the apartment I had viewed the day before. It was a gigantic, beautiful, sunny 2-bedroom apartment with hardwood floors, utilities included, and within walking distance of Guy-Concordia metro… all for a very reasonable sum of $775. I was so excited! I had been dreaming up all the parties I could host in that vast space, and how I could decorate my bedroom… Yet, when I called the property manager later that day to close the deal, he informed me he had given me the price for the one bedroom apartment- not the two bedroom I had looked at… and the price difference was astronomical! It was way out of me and Chloe’s price range, so I was back to square one.

At French class that day, we learnt how to ask/tell the time in French. Ironically, class went by very quickly, and before I knew it- it was break time! I quickly rushed off to the café to get a cup of coffee as I was still suffering from lack of sleep.

There is a little Portuguese bakery on Duluth, where I take French lessons, that sells cheap coffee and baked goods. Today I spotted an interesting looking custard dessert that looked like a cross between crème brule, a Danish, and a muffin. I was a little peckish, so decided to try one. It turned out to be the most peculiar elevens ever! I swear this dessert had been soaked in alcohol! I could hardly enjoy the custard due to the martini-esq sponge cake around it! Ewee!

After French class, I went to work. two girls came to my class to ask for shopping advice, then the nice Quebecois boy popped in to chat. We discussed apartment hunting in Montreal and he helped me with my French homework (which wasn’t quite in  my lesson plan).

In-between shifts, I bicycled around Guy-Concordia to get quotes for apartments. Everything was ridiculously expensive. I did find one two-bedroom that was just within our price-range, so made an appointment to view the apt on Friday. All utilities were included; a perk.

During my second shift, a girl visiting from Korea came in to my conversation class. We discussed Canadian vs. Korean taxes and educational system, and I explained the Quebec separatist movement best I could, which interested her greatly. We talked for almost a full hour!

I was very hungry by the time I got home (food seems to be the highlight of my life today) so I heated up some of the vegetable soup I made and sat down in front of the computer to apartment search, job search, and prepare for my interview tomorrow.

At 7:00, I met a friend for tea at Café Depot. We had a lovely conversation about Montreal architecture and the city’s history. He’s a diplomat, but did his masters in history, so had many interesting things to say. We could have talked forever- but I had to get home to prepare for my interview.

I am currently taking a break from preparing for my interview… sitting at the front of the house with my computer. The street seems particularly noisy tonight: lots of people yelling and traffic… There must be some event going on.

Nose back to the grindstone!


One response to “Martini Muffin

  1. Oh these dear landlord mistakes…

    I hope your interview goes well!

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