Writen by Malbec

My mum e-mailed me this photo today. Its me (in a beret) taking photographs in Quebec at age 7. How some things never change...

My mum e-mailed me this photo today. Its me (wearing a beret) taking photographs in Quebec at age 7. How some things never change.

Today, I ate the best croissant of my life. It was born at the little Portuguese Bakery on Rue Duluth, near French lessons. It shone out to me from within the glass counter like the Holy Grail… It was a very large croissant, crispy and moist with chocolate drizzled all over it, with little bits of cookie and almond slices sprinkled on top. The outside itself was yummy enough- but when I bit into it- oh heaven itself was inside my mouth! The flavour of chocolate burst in my mouth… then almond paste… then chocolate… then almond again! It was like a Kinder Surprise… but only better! Such happiness can be found in food.

In-between shifts, I had a job interview at a footwear wholesaler as an admin assistant. The head office was nicely located at the Atwater Metro, and everyone in the office was in their 20’s or early 30’s, casually dressed and jolly. The whole age thing really helped to  put me at ease so that my nervousness and self-doubt did not overtake me as it had at my previous interview. I was able to answer each question with eloquence, and left the interview feeling very positive. I think they liked what I had to offer.

After the interview, I went to Canadian Tire to look at rope and I cycled around the area. There were some very fine residences in that neighbourhood. They all looked very expensive and ornate, with beautiful gardens out front. It is really quite sad to see how it still the English areas of Montreal that have the wealth. Things maybe more integrated now, but the proud old buildings and street names are a lasting reminder of the past… and present.

After my second shift at work, I decided to treat myself to a hearty meal, as I have had enough of vegetable soup this week. I picked up some fresh pasta and a bottle of merlot malbec and sat down to enjoy myself… and watch the film The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. What a day!


4 responses to “Writen by Malbec

  1. Congrats on ace-ing the job interview. I will have to check out that bakery next time I’m in town.

  2. I don’t know you that much yet, but that picture is so totally you — very adorabe 🙂

    Imagine all the shoes you could get… 😉

  3. I’m glad to see the photo posted! I sent that because of all the discussion about berets in your blog – now people can see that berets are in your blood! (As are cameras!) Nell, you probably don’t remeber but you performed in my piece when we went on that trip to Quebec City. Do you remember sweeping leaves in a performance in an abandoned warehouse?

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