Spiffy & iffy

This caught my eye on my way back from the cafe today.

This caught my eye on my way back from the cafe today.

I woke up with a bit of a hangover as I’d had a bit too much wine the previous night. Getting out of bed was an ordeal, but I was meeting a friend for brunch that morning up in Mile End. The prospect of food can motivate me to do anything!

My friend Dave and I went to La Croissanterie Figaro. It was a sweet little restaurant which reminded me of Bonjour Brioche in Toronto, yet here their specialty was croissants, not brioche. After the gluttony of yesterday, I didn’t much fancy a croissant so had the elusive soup of the day. Dave got an almond croissant, which was unusually long and thin… and packed pull with delicious almond paste! It looked so good! A croissant for a connoisseur!

After brunch, I bicycled over to Guy-Concordia to view apartments. The first one I saw was on Rue Tupper, a nice residential street with old Victorian houses and proud front gardens. The apartment had a nice old look to it; a little scruffy but had character. It was very sunny and all utilities (and laundry!) were included. The only issue was the price. As it was a 3 bedroom, it was a bit hefty. We’d need a third person to share it with- but I don’t know of anyone!

Inbetween apartment appointments, I went to Starbucks to sit on the patio and watch the people walk by on Rue St. Catherine. Once I’d finished my drink, I went to the McGill campus to sit on the lawn in the nice park that lies beyond the main gates. I sat in the grass, enjoying the sun, and watching the kids play. It was very pleasant.

The second apartment was on Rue Summerhill. Apartment buildings lined the street on either side, and the one I was going to had your stereotypical 1950’s look to it. It was a semi-basement with large window at street level, but still a bit dark. It was a relatively good price, but its location/light made me a bit iffy. It had more perks than downsides, but the cons outweighed the pros.

Once home, I got busy doing housework and made supper… and now sit at the computer writing this as I munch away on my bowl of pasta seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil. Simple is good.


2 responses to “Spiffy & iffy

  1. Look at the vintage bulbs! 😉

    I’m wondering if they had normal-shaped croissants inside the Figaro…

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