Breaking the Hermit Routine

Last night I received a spontaneous invitation from my friend Dunter, inviting me out to meet some new friends. I was quite thrilled when I received the e-mail as I had nothing else planned that night and spent the afternoon in anticipation. I got ready relatively early, and went to sit on the steps to wait for him. While entertaining myself on my cell phone, I noticed a bright green light reflected on the metallic side of my iPhone. I looked around, confused, trying to figure out what on earth was flashing- and saw it was Dunter pointing a laser at me from across the street! What a way to get a person’s attention! Haha.

Dunter drove me to Philip’s Lounge for a small get-together. It was right downtown, just off of Sainte-Catherine where the big Hudson’s Bay is. Once we parked, he gave me a lesson on how to get on and off a motorcycle as it was a lot more complicated than a bicycle. I kept on screwing up!

I was quite impressed with the venue. This lounge was aptly decorated with large abstract art pieces, blobular white lights with red detailing, and light-up tiling leading to the coat check and ladies room. In the washroom, each sink had a waterfall tap that you could turn off and on with a stick-like handle. The staff were all well-dressed in nicely tailored black shirts, and were courteous and attentive. It was quite a change from the places I’d frequented in Montreal so far, and during my time at co-op in Toronto.

The crowd there was much older than I, with an abundance of attractive small waisted women with large breasts. I sort of felt like I was on a movie set surrounded by A-list actresses. I got introduced around, drifting in and out of conversations, sipping the glass of fine red wine Dunter had kindly treated me to. It was all very pleasant, and I had some interesting conversations about the ordeal of writing, culture, and wine tastings in Italy.

There was a journalist there who didn’t seem to know anyone, so I sat with him most of the time and had a fascinating conversation about the history of Montreal. He had been researching for a book he wants to write for 10 years, about a Montreal boy in the 1700’s who joins a merchant ship to go to France and the West Indies. It sounded like a great tale! I kept thinking about it the whole night.

Afterwards, Dunter drove me home and I had a very sound sleep, awaking bright and early the next morning. My day was pretty boring, but tonight I went to a movie night at a friend’s house. I was quite late as I’d enjoyed a very long afternoon nap and hadn’t woken up until dinner time. To my surprise Dunter was there, so I happily sat with him. I got there just in time for the second film showing, which the very manly action flick Torture about FBI agents trying to infiltrate an international drug ring. The one female character in the movie wore midriff shirts and carried around an oversized sack-like designer bag, which confused me greatly. The fashion in the film looked very out-of-date, but it was actually released in 2008. Hm.

After the film, I went to meet Lianna and Andrew at Brutopia to celebrate the birthday of a friend of theirs’. It was hell trying to get from Papineau to Cresant on my bicycle. There was so much traffic, and the Maisonneauve bike lane was closed for the Just For Laughs Festival. I did manage to get there safe and sound though, and ordered myself a gin and tonic to make-up for the hair-raising ride. Andrew told us all about his trip to Milan, particularly his meeting with yet another pornstar (he’s a magnet!). It was indeed entertaining.

Now I sit at home with a glass of water, merrily typing away. Its been a fun last two days! Its nice to break out of the hermit routine now and again.


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