Social Suicide

A bumble-bee on my way to the grocery store.

A bumble-bee on my way to the grocery store (Cherrier/St. Hubert: Plateau).

It’s the end of an era. I’m moving out of the Plateau. Yesterday I signed a lease for a shared apartment in the Guy-Concordia area. I felt like part of me died. I didn’t want to leave the Plateau, but in my two months looking for rooms/apartments, I hadn’t found anything that was within my budget and near a metro. I just hope moving away wont be ‘social suicide’. My whole social life evolves around the Plateau. It wont be an issue now, but in the winter the subway and buses stop running at 1am (just when the party is getting started!) so I’ll either have to spend a fortune on a taxi or find a floor to sleep on each night I go out someplace fun.

I committed social suicide before, when I lived at Gerrard and Broadview in Toronto. I was still technically in downtown, but to my friends in the Annex and Kensington Market, I was on the other side of the world. The only way I could get friends to visit was if I offered free food (dinner parties). Fortunately my dear friend Caitlin would let me sleep on her floor when we went out dancing at the Boat, 751, or the Queens Head. I need to find a floor to sleep on here…

But hey- the apartment is nice: relatively spacious and sunny. I just met my new roommate the day before. She seems nice too. So, I’ve got a nice apartment and roommate… and I’m only two blocks from the metro… and the rent is still cheaper than Toronto! HA!

After I signed the lease, I met Philippe, one of my ESL students for a drink at L’Escalier at Berri-UQUAM. It was a fabulous little place that reminded me a lot of the Red Room in Toronto. It had a really laid back and eclectic look to it, and served coffee, booze, and vegetarian food. Philippe got a glass of red wine, while I had a pint of beer. We sat by the window, enjoying the breeze and the live music coming in from outside, and discussed language. When some of his friends turned up, they took it upon themselves to teach me how to count up to 20 in French. It was like having my own cheerleading squad!

Today, I went to look at mattresses at Dormez-Vous, which is the Sleep Country of Quebec. I had laid awake last night haunted by images of my fated social life and sleeping on the bare floor in my new apartment. So, this morning I decided to go look at mattresses, as it could potentially help fix both those problems. I was shocked at the prices. I knew mattresses were an investment… but I had no idea how big that investment actually was! I think it’s a futon from IKEA for me…

I decided to get some comfort food to cheer me up. I went to the grocery store and bought cheddar to make myself a grilled cheese sandwich. I ate it on the couch, looking out the window onto the tree and bike path outside my sublet. The cat snuck up on me and started pawing my sandwich. When I brushed him away, he decided to ravish the bag of Starbucks treats Lianna had brought back from work. When I tried to get him away from those, he got his head stuck in the handle of the bag. It was rather funny watching him drag around a paper bag, but I kindly freed the little rascal.

At work today, I had a Level 2 ESL student come to my conversation class. Up till now, I had only tutored Level 4 and 5 students. I found my Level 2 student from Morocco very stressful and difficult to have a conversation with. It made me feel very worried about my prospects of learning French. Two years down the road, will I still be uncomprehendable? Aaa!


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