Cheddar to Console

Stuck in a hole.

Stuck in a hole.

Today was the last day of French classes and for the first time, the instructor wore baggy clothing. For once I was able to focus on the chalkboard as I have been constantly distracted from my lessons by the teacher’s tiny waist. In fashion school, I would get distracted by my graphic design profs’ shirt or glasses, but in French class- it’s the waist. She is the first person I have ever met in real life with a waist naturally so small in comparison to the rest of her body. She’s got better measurements than Dita Von Teese! Its so surreal that its impossible to focus on conjugating verbs when you swear you’ve got a 40-26-40 before you!

As the grand finale to French class, we had an exam. I left the examination room feeling confident that I had passed, but when my test was returned to me, I found I had failed miserably. I had gotten perfect on the genderization of professions and nationality, adding ‘ne pas’ into sentences correctly, and had only made one mistake on locationation (sur, sous, dans)… but when it came to those verbs and l’adjectif possessif- I had come out clueless. Dam it! Maybe I will try that school my Mum recommended to me… Perhaps things will sink in better in an artistic environment.

I went to ESL class, and as I had no students the first half, I took the time to go over my exam carefully. When I went home, I made a grilled cheese sandwich to console myself after the exam and listened to cheerful Ratatat while looking up pointless information on the Internet. When I returned to ESL class, I had 7 students waiting to talk to me, which felt pretty awesome. Whoo hoo!

After class I went to Nicole’s for her “Welcome Back to Canada” get-together. I found her, Chloe, Aria, and an Italian boy she’d brought back on the plane all sprawled out on the bare mattress in her room. Everyone was exhausted! It took us over an hour to get enough energy to go out for food despite the fact we were starving. As Nicole was just home from Italy, we decided to go to Allor Frites for poutine. I was craving meat, so decided to get a burger. It was alright, but I ended up eating half of Nicole’s Madagascar poutine  as it was much better. I love green peppercorns!

After we all hugged goodbye, I bicycled home and sat on Lianna’s bed for awhile to discuss life until we both got sleepy. Its been a sleepy day. I think I’ll go to bed now…


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