Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

Don't get your heel stuck in there!

Don't get your heel stuck in there!

Today I was a human alarm clock. Nicole had leant her cell phone to her brother in Italy, so I went over to her house to wake her up at 11:00. To my surprise, she was already up, accompanied by Chloe and Aria. We chilled on the couch together, almost drifting back asleep, before motivating eachother to get up and go get coffee.

Nicole and I went to Art Java for their $1 coffee, and Aria went to Presse Café where she could free coffee with just her charm and seductive smile. Nicole and I sunk into the big armchairs at Art Java, only feeling rejuvenated once our cups were empty. We then walked home merrily chatting away, updating each other on our lives. Nicole had experienced the idealic small town life in Italy, living with a lovely family, while I was having crazy times in Montreal.

Once back at Nicole’s apartment, I helped Nicole do laundry while she told me a humorous tale of a couple in her building who like to have sex in the laundry room. Apparently, the superintendent had caught them on tape, so informed them it was okay if they did that, just as long as they used the one washing machine in the camera’s blind-spot, so that she wouldn’t see them. However, the couple must have had a strong exhibitionist side, as she caught them once again on tape. Ha ha!

Once I’d said goodbye to Nicole, I cycled home to make lunch. As it was 2:00, I was famished, so made myself a grilled cheese sandwich with a bowl of my homemade vegetable soup. I started feeling sleepy again, so had yet another cup of coffee before heading out on my bicycle once again.

My mission that day was to buy a pair of black stilettos. The pair which I had owned since highschool had become very odorous of late, thus I could not wear them in the presence of others. I went to the Aldo outlet on Mount Royal where there were black heels galore! I found various pairs, ranging from 2” to 7” in heel height, but it was the 2.5” I settled on (they didn’t have my size in the other ones). It had been marked all the way down to $26 and was made of matte leather with a round toe and pointed heel. Simple, comfortable, and cheap: whoo hoo!

Once home, I conditioned my new shoes, and polished my other leather shoes and boots. Unfortunately, I managed to get black shoe polish all over my hands and in my nails. When my phone rang, I was tempted not to answer it to avoid getting the touch-screen dirty. However, I’m glad I did as it was my friend Tay inviting me out for dinner on Sunday! We agreed on meeting at St. Denis and Duluth to spontaneously pick out a restaurant. I’m so excited! St. Denis has such great restaurants and it will be fun going to one with Tay. Yay for Tay!

As I had nothing to do Friday night, I decided to watch a movie. Nicole had mentioned watching the chick flick He’s Just Not That Into You while she was on the plane home from Italy, so I decided to check it out. I actually had to turn the film off before I got even half way as it was just too depressing. The female characters in the film were pathetic and the message of the film was a bit frightening. The women in the film were successful, beautiful, and educated, but were absolutely consumed by what I like to call ‘boy drama’ . Their main concern in life was not their career, society, or themselves, but instead the mission to find a boyfriend or husband.  Oh- and if I guy doesn’t call you shortly after a date, you are suppose to forget he ever existed. Aaa!

I am sad to say that I could relate to some of the characters I the film. For the first time in my life, I have found my life characterized by ‘boy drama’. I think the reason I have dropped to that level is because I am out of school, out of a job, and am in a new city where I am still trying to find my place to belong. It is also easier to find men to go out with then female friends… way easier. I’m young, naive, and new to the city. I can’t kid myself that they are interested in me because I designed a typeface for the visually impaired or that I can discuss wine, design, and alternative lifestyles in length. I’m nothing special to them, and will readily be replaced by the next pretty young thing to step through the door.

That is the life lesson I have learnt this year. Time and time again it happens, and will continue to happen until I meet that special someone who thinks I’m ‘good enough’. But don’t get me wrong- I do enjoy the company. The men in my life have always been interesting, fun people, but I just wish it was less emotionally draining. I don’t think I can ever get used to being ditched for the prettier one, although that would be useful. Sigh.

But anyway… there’s my rant. My late night rant. I shouldn’t watch chick flicks. They make me angry. I should stay with Agatha Christie.

And in honour of the British’s macabre taste for murder and strange taste in comedy, here’s Monty Python’s take on Agatha. (it gets good near the end)

Aldo shopping wisdom: if the price tag is red- that means that shoe is the very last pair in store… so don’t bother asking if they have your size if it doesn’t fit you… save yourself and the grumpy salesperson!


4 responses to “Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

  1. What, no photo of the shoes!

  2. Well, I did consider it…

  3. I am so impressed with your insights and wisdom, Nell. I was more than twice your age before I was anywhere close to that. Sending admiration and love from Stuttgart.

  4. Thanks June-Etta!
    xoxo to you too

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