Spiralling Staircases

Oh, the Plateau!

Oh, the Plateau! (and yes, I know- this is not a spiraling staircase)

I had nothing planned for Saturday. Its always difficult to get out of bed when you don’t have an important To Do List in your head. It was a beautiful warm and sunny day in Montreal, so warm actually that I actually wore a mini skirt and left the house without my beret on my head! I spent the day doing household things; cleaning, doing laundry, going grocery shopping, and cooking a big pot of vegetables to last me the week.

At various times that day, I contemplated going to Carre St. Louis, Parc Lafontaine, Mount Royal, and the Jean Talon Market, but never actually got out there. Instead, I sat on the couch and watched the 1956 film An Affair To Remember and episodes of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. When Lianna came home from work, we each sprawled out on a sofa to philosophize about life and human behaviour. It was a very long conversation, and one I didn’t want to leave- but I had a friend to meet!

At quarter past 10pm, I left the house to meet my friend Eva at a club in the north of the city. I completely under-estimated how long it would take to cycle there, arriving half an hour early. So, I just cycled around the neighbourhood, admiring the spiraling staircases and variety of balcony designs used for post-war house construction in Montreal.

A little past 11, Eva showed up and we went in. I had been forewarned of the hefty entrance fee, so was expecting a well-designed interior, and attractive people in classy outfits… but no. It reminded me an awful lot of the rock bar, the Red Square in St. Catharines, which I had frequented in highschool. Everything was black and red, and the walls were concrete blocks. In highschool it was cool, but not when you’re 22.

Eva and I sat and chatted until 2am. Her friend Rob who I had briefly met before, joined our little circle, but didn’t have much to add to the conversation as we mostly discussed the fashion and graphic design industry. Eva runs the magazine Kill, which is a free glossy fashion magazine in Montreal. She runs everything out of her basement, and is preparing to do a launch in Toronto this fall. Its all quite exciting!

The cycle home took much longer than the way there. All the one way streets seemed to be going the wrong way, and there were a lot of cops about, so I had to walk my bike on the sidewalk whenever one popped up. It’s very frustrating being a law-abiding citizen. Eventually I just gave up and rode St. Hubert home, going against traffic. I quite enjoy that street. The houses below Mount Royal are particularly beautiful. I’d like to one day live there.


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