Silent Streaks of Lightening

Steps to a theatre near my house.

Steps to a theatre near my house.

I woke up from a dream this morning about baking. My friend Caitlin and I had started a croissant business on a picnic bench outside Campus Co-op in Toronto. We weren’t doing too well though as I kept burning the croissants, so we ended up having to give them away to the sqeegy kids instead. The image of all those buttery, half-burnt croissants haunted me all morning, to the point where I found myself on my bicycle heading towards St. Laurent and Prince Arthur.

I first went into the fine bakery on the corner, which is similar to Cobs in Toronto. They had apricot croissants there, but they were too expensive, so I went next door to Coffee Depot instead. There, I found almond croissants to die for, so got one in a paper bag and went to sit on the patio. It was delicious and so nice to sit in the sun!

At noon, I cycled to work. No students turned up during either of my two shifts that day, so I caught up on my history readings. I’m currently reading Love For Sale: The Global History of Prostitution. It’s a very interesting book, going from Babylon times to present, and out of all the historical figures in the book- three of them so far have been named “Nell”. I found this rather humourous as my name is so rare to hear, yet it seemed to be rather popular in circles such as these.

As Tuesday was cheap night at the theatre, I put a call out on Facebook for friends to join me on a viewing of De Pere en Flic. Dave showed up, but the time we’d got to the kiosk to buy our tickets, they were sold out! So we went to Carlos & Pepes instead, where we chatted over summery drinks (he a pina colada, and I a mango martini) while we watched a dogshow on the television over the bar.

After our drink, Dave asked me to take him shopping. This was rather thrilling for me as I love menswear, and have neither Chris or Jimmy to take me along with them to go shopping now that I live in Montreal. I took Dave to H&M and Tristan (haha- I need to take Tristan there!), but nothing fit well and the stores closed before we found anything, so went home empty-handed.

On my bike ride home, it started to rain softly. I was a bit annoyed at first, but when I looked up at the sky- it was alit with silent strikes of lightening beyond the dark skyscrapers of downtown. It was beautiful! The sky was a deep purple with smudges and streaks of white, just like a pastel painting. It was just stunning!


One response to “Silent Streaks of Lightening

  1. The rain was good!

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