Trees At Night

A happy passing on the way to get groceries.

A happy passing on the way to get groceries.

Today was my first Monday without French lessons. I took advantage of the extra sleep-in time and didn’t get up until 9:30am. I was out of milk, so had water in my cereal instead (it wasn’t as bad as it sounds) and made some coffee. I lugged my Mac into the living room to use the wireless free Internet available there, but to my dismay, neither my computer or my iPhone could detect the signal. No Internet! No E-mail! Aaaa!

I eagerly awaited noon, and cycled off to work to use the Internet at McGill (must feed my addiction!). At work that day, I had some fabulous conversations with the ESL students. The Venezuelan veterinarian and I discussed language-learning tactics for French, and the shy Quebecer and I discussed classic, Asian, and art films. He and I had a lot in common, except he had more of a stomach for violence than I.

During break, I went grocery shopping… to feed my other addiction; pineapple juice! While picking up my fix, I came across a clearance basket of all-natural soap, so picked some lavender and ginger liquid hand soaps for a mere $2 each for my new apartment.

When I went back to work, only one person turned out to my ‘group’ conversation hour. She was a sweet L3 ESL student from Japan and we had a fabulous conversation about Japanese vs. Canadian culture. She had been a biologist in Japan and quit her job to come to Canada, much to the dismay to her family. Apparently quitting a job is taboo, and you are expected to stay with the same company from the moment you leave university to when you retire! Goodness- that’s certainly a culture difference to here! How many companies have I worked for? Six, not included my own two attempts to run a business.

After work, I sat out front McGill to check my e-mail on my iPhone before going home. I fed the evil cats, made dinner, and then… had no idea what to do with my day. I couldn’t job search, work on my online portfolio, or waste my time on Facebook, so I decided to write a letter. I hadn’t written Nana & Poppa in over a week! Once I told them all I could, I wrote a letter to Natalijia, then one to Judy, and did my ironing. I felt rather restless, perhaps due to my Internet withdrawal, so decided to go one a bike ride.

I biked all along Ontario Street, past Frontenac metro, into an odd combination of industrial wasteland and post-war apartment buildings. Once I hit a big hill I decided to turn around and go home. It was dark by then, and the moon was almost full. I didn’t much fancy going home just yet, so went to La Bulle au Carre (St. Louis Square) for ice cream. I hadn’t been there since Caitlin’s visit, and decided to get the flavour we had discussed when last there; maple! I sat on the patio by candlelight, eating my ice cream and enjoying the calming sound of musicians in the park. By the café were a group of hip young women singing folk country songs, and by the fountain were some rowdy boys playing instrumental folk rock. It was all so pleasant in the shady, dark park.

Having eaten my ice cream, I leisurely cycled on home and put Crystal Castles on. They seem to go well with the image of big, dark maple trees against a night sky as in Carre St. Louis. I tend to associate the music with working at the Harbor Front selling jewelry late into the night two summers ago. I really don’t have any music to define this summer. Last summer was Dragonnette, Frankie Valli, and Carolyn Mark- music I was introduced to by my fellow employees and friends. I lack both steady employment and a dependable social life in Montreal, perhaps that’s why I have no music for this summer. Hm.


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