Cloud & Moon

Cycling around with my camera this sunny morning. (Carre St. Louis)

Cycling around with my camera this sunny morning. (Carre St. Louis)

I woke up early and couldn’t fall back asleep this morning, so decided to go on a bike ride. I rode to the corner of St. Laurent and Prince Arthur to use the wireless signal there to pick up my e-mail, then went to the grocery store to pick up an avocado and pear. I happily rode home through the Carre St. Louis, stopping to take pictures of the pretty houses overlooking the park. I am determined to one day live in a place such as there! So beautiful…

When I came home, I decided to pre-occupy myself with Photoshop. I got so consumed with doctoring photos for fun that I was almost late for work that afternoon. I did not notice the time slip by. I had four students come to conversation hour my first shift, which must have been a record! When I left the school at break, I saw that the beautiful sunny skies I had enjoyed bicycling around that morning had been replaced by slate grey clouds… and a torrential downpour! Aaa!

I got totally soaked on my way to the library, and spent 15 minutes trying to dry myself off until the hand dryer in the washroom. I was absolutely soaked through! I had the strong temptation to remove my shirt, as it would dry faster off my body, but I decided against it as the McGill music camp was in the same building. I’m sure the little girls would be shocked to walk in on a young professional in just pants and bra!

Once I was partially dry, I went to the music library to use their Internet to look up some companies names and compare bus/train fares to Toronto. When I went back to work, I had two students come to my class. We discussed public transit, taxes, and computer hardware- the latter two I knew nothing about!

It rained on my bike ride home, so I immediately ran a hot bubble bath when I got home. I didn’t want to catch a cold with such an exciting weekend ahead of me. I lay in the bath until the bubbles were all gone. It was so nice!

After my bath, I got out the shirt I’ve been working on for Saturday. I’m sick and tired of wearing the same thing every time I go out somewhere special, so for the past two days I have been working on altering a top. It was proving rather difficult as I was doing everything by hand and trying to tailor the top to my body while it was on my body. So, I brought it to my friend Emily, who is a fashion-designer. We had our first computer class together. She fix my top, I show her how to use a Mac. A fair trade of skills.

Our lesson was really fun! We sat on her balcony with her laptop and went through all the basics. I felt that I actually made a good teacher! I didn’t become overbearing like I did when trying to teach Lauren to use InDesign two years ago. I think that has to do with spending so much time with Dunter, who is an excellent teacher. It’s really made me realize the patience it requires when teaching people manual work such as working on a computer or tying knots.

After our lesson, Emily did a fitting for me with my shirt, before bicycling off to her roommate’s opening at La Galerie Espace. It was a fabulous little store/gallery with the most incredible crafts from Quebec. I was particularly impressed with Marianne Chevalier’s textile art and the silver castings. Marianne had photographs silkscreened onto thin fabric in which she strung copper wire. It combined all my favorite mediums!

The jewelry was really cool too. There was an abundance of 3-dimensional silver jewelry on display. A castings of puckered lips caught my eye, which were made into earrings with a matching necklace. My favourite though was a simple silver stem of bluebells made into a long and elegant pair of earrings and necklace. They were so delicate and fine, I could hardly take my eyes off them!

The sky was beautiful on the way home. It was a beautiful shade of nighttime blue. The moon was full, and there was a long trail of thin cloud beneath it that lead to a single star. It was like a scene out of a fantasy book; something a photograph could never capture but a painting could. The sight is still vivid in my mind. I should sketch it down before bed.


4 responses to “Cloud & Moon

  1. Thomas Fincher

    I don’t how bad the light pollution is for Montreal, but if it is anything like Toronto, it wasn’t a star that you saw near the moon: It was Jupiter.

    It’s a beautiful planet and my favourite to observe. The clouds of Jupiter and its moons are truly a sight to behold.

    It goes very well with a full moon, although I curse the full moon since it plays havoc with deep sky observations.

  2. Well, I don’t even bother to try watching the stars when in Montreal…

    The buildings in that photo are just gorgeous!
    And I haven’t had a bath for soooo long… haven’t been near a proper tub for ages…

  3. The night sky does have a tendency to do that to beautiful memories, even manages to create such memories on occasion.

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