Hiking In Heels

A beautiful day indeed!

A beautiful day indeed!

I have quite the active weekend, and golly- did I ever love it! Even though I was too broke to buy to alcohol, I still managed to go to various dance parties, a bar, and a picnic! All were immensely fun!

On Friday, I met up with some of new friends at a bar downtown. It was a classy bar where you could play pool while listening to Diana Krall. I was a bit of a celebrity because of my blog. People were quite tickled by what I wrote, especially when it was written about them. Eva was introducing me to everyone- even people I’d already met. There was a young guy visiting from Sweden, who I discussed fashion with for awhile. I agreed to show him some menswear boutiques that sold Canadian designers for him to take home… My only issue is I don’t know any of the shops in Montreal! Help!

After I had exhausted all conversation with the people around me, I went home to change before going to see Dunter’s performance. He was doing a show with an amateur dance troupe at a goth nightclub downtown. I got dressed up as goth as I could, while still maintaining my signature look by wearing my French beret and cravat. At the club, there were a handful of people I recognized, but chose to I sit down with Rachel, a Concordia student who I had been acquainted with since May.

The first performance was a tribal-esque dance with a theatrical sacrifice, followed by Dunter’s skit with a captive woman dressed up like a 1950’s Italian movie star, on which was cast a magic spell cast on her to turn her into a zombie. Then she and a bunch of sexy zombies did a dance routine to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. It was rather humorous to say the least.

After the performances, the dance floor started up again, so me, Rachel, and her friends decided to go dancing as the music was too loud to permit decent conversation. The music was all industrial goth and German techno, which is something I am unfamiliar with. I happened to mention how I didn’t know how to dance to this sort of music, and when I was asked “If you don’t listen to this, what music do you dance to?” and I answered “Hipster.” – you should have seen their faces! It was hilarious!

I eventually got into the rhythm of things, and Julie, one of Rachels’ friends helped to teach me how to dance with my arms and step with the music. It was actually quite fun once I got the hang of it. It really made me realize how much I miss dancing, the art school dance scene in Toronto, and Caitlin. I just don’t dance enough in Montreal- and when I do, it’s at a goth club! Something’s wrong there.

I would have stayed till close, but left at 2am instead, as I had to get up early the next morning. Tay and I were meeting up for a picnic at 11am, so I dressed in a casual but flattering outfit that I thought would be appropriate for a romantic picnic in the park. I wore my high-waisted denim hobble skirt with a white blouse, a little black scarf tied neatly around my neck, and of course my beret. I looked very cute, and wore blush and lipgloss to boot.

We met at Sherbrooke and Parc, then walked up to the Belgium bakery to buy a fresh baguette before heading up the hill to Mount Royal. We found a comfortable spot in the sun and rolled out the blanket. Tay had prepared the meal and pulled out a variety of things from his rucksack: brie, crackers, pecan nuts, grapes, apple slices, and peach chutney! Yum yum yum!

We happily munched away, discussing classic 1960’s films. It was such a treat to have brie! Once we had eaten our fill, we decided to go for a walk along the trails. I wanted to show him this one path that reminded me of the Niagara Escarpment where I grew-up, but I couldn’t find it, so we took the main path instead, which lead to the very top of the mountain! The view was quite impressive, but I was more concerned with the steam punk chandeliers in the visitor’s centre.

We decided to get lost on our way home. We went down some random paths and found a sweet little clearing in the trees that overlooked the Eastern part of Montreal. We sat there chatting about life for awhile; romance, heartbreak, and such. My feet were starting to hurt by then (I had worn heels) so we decided to go back the way we came which was shorter than taking the round-about route. Tay walked me home, where I immediately fell asleep on the couch once I got in the door. I was totally exhausted from all that climbing!

In the evening, I met up with Dunter who took me out for dinner at a seafood restaurant before going to a party. I had these amazing spicy mussels served in their shell, topped with finely chopped parsley, onions, and tomatoes. The party was very different than any others I’d been to in Montreal. There was a dance floor with incredible DJs, a kissing booth, a bar, and a wrestling room with padded floors… and everyone was very, very hipster. I sort of felt like I was at some sort of crazy OCAD fundraiser, except their was a strong alternative-sex streak to the theme of the party.

There was a trio of wrestling lesbians dressed up in sailor suits who did a variety of theatrical scenes for people to watch, and a piercing expert/artist from Boston giving a workshop on temporary, safe piercing. I was a bit uncomfortable watching the piercings, but the pictures of her installation artwork on the female body was quite impressive (ignoring the pain factor of the willing model). I never knew what you could do with a little flesh, a needle and a lot of dental floss!

I was still puckered out from my hike up the mountain that day, so Dunter drove me home relatively early. I awoke the next morning to Lianna’s alarm clock going off. For the second morning in a row, I had to get up and turn it off as she wasn’t home. I have the whole house to my self this weekend! Should have had a party!


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