Cleaning, Cycling, & Chatting

A mirror more broken as my bike.

A mirror more broken than my bike.

My Dad and my friend Nicole moved me into my new apartment this week. It’s in a lovely turn-of-the-century building on Masionneuve between Guy and Atwater. My roommate, Chloe, doesn’t move in until the last weekend of August, so I had the whole place to myself. I thought I’d be lonely, considering I’m used to living with 5 to 9 people, but to be honest- I enjoyed being on my lonesome. I could play my music, come home to a clean apartment, and walk around in my underwear- single living at its best!

However, being on your lonesome is not good when you are locked out of your apartment. On Friday afternoon, I decided to clean all the windows inside and out as they were very dirty. There is a fire-escape outside each, so I went on that to do the outside cleaning… however I didn’t realize that the windows could not be opened from the outside. So there I was, in my little black cotton dress, Windex and cloth in hand, locked out of my apartment. It was a rather hilarious yet unfortunate situation to find myself in.

Luckily, I found that I hadn’t closed the glass pane of one window, so made a slit in the screen in order to reach in and open the window. I was very relieved that I was able to get in… and that my windows were so secure!

After more cleaning and a trip to Canadian Tire, I met up with some of my McGill music school friends; Nicole, Lianna, Aria, and Josh. We went to Kiano, a Carribean restaurant to have rotis. I was so excited, as rotis are one of my favourite foods! However, the rotis here were horrible! The chicken was dry with bits of bone here and there, and there was a general lack of sauce and stuffing inside each roti. The service was really poor as well, and by the time we got our meals they were cold! I was not impressed. Of the four rotis places I’d been to in Toronto, only one of them had been poor- but at least the price was cheaper and the service faster than this place!

After dinner, I went home to have a bath and get changed. I was meeting my new friends Eva and Giro at Philips Lounge, and then meeting my graphic design friend Eve at a party later on. I decided to wear my black American Apparel tube dress with my red stilettos (and of course my beret and scarf!). Sassy!

There were lots of people at Philips, including the Swedish fellow from last time and a new chap, who was just finishing his masters at McGill. They had both recently returned from business trips (one from Brazil, the other from Russia) and both had some great stories to tell! Did you know that beer is only 50 cents in rural Russia and $1 in urban centres! Amazing! And all the girls are skinny and wear high heels all the time! (he said it was very disappointing coming back to Montreal. Haha!)

Everyone went to the party afterwards. Giro was going to take us all in his SUV, but couldn’t fit nine people, so Montreal-boy (I can’t remember his name) and I chose to cycle there. Giro promised to take me out for gelato as a thank-you/apology that he couldn’t fit me in his vehicle as planned. Yay! Ice cream!

We went to Montreal-boy’s office at McGill to pick up his speed bike, then headed to the party. Low and behold, it turned out that he was an avid cyclist and training to be semi-pro racer… which made me feel extra embarrassed about the horrible squeaking noise my bike makes and the fact that it’s stuck in 3rd gear… so embarrassing! However, I did manage to impress him when I cycled off my seat in 5” high heels (it’s the only way to get my bike going at a decent speed). I have skills.

When we got to the party, I send a brief hello to Eva, but she was enamored in conversation with a chap who had just come back from South America (all these trips people go on!). So, I sat with Montreal-boy and Giro, the whole time chatting away until 2am. When Giro left, we decided to leave too, making a stop at a bar on the way home. Boy bought me a beer and we sat and talked until the bar closed.

Boy cycled me home (cringing at the sound my bike makes) and offered to do research on fixing my bike and finding the parts for me. I went up to my apartment rather pleased with my social evening and awoke the next morning thinking it was Sunday. I got up all excited Sunday meant tomorrow was Monday (resume-handing out time and Tay)… but unfortunately today was Saturday… and I had no social plans what-so-ever. Sigh.

When I got up to brush my teeth, I heard my neighbour across the alley playing very loud opera music. It was pleasant in a way, as it made me feel like I was in Europe. I made myself Kraft dinner for breakfast, and sat on the sofa admiring my beautiful apartment. When the opera stopped, I could enjoy the calming drone of the cicadas and the soft tick of the new clock I bought for the kitchen. Now I sit at my desk, trying to decide what to do today. I think I’ll call up Jimmy and se what he is doing…


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