Backseat Antics

Fresh Niagara blueberries... breakfast at Mum's is always yummy!

Breakfast at Mum's: fresh Niagara blueberries!

On Monday I had my first dinner guest at my new apartment: Tay! He arrived early and called from the lobby just when I was pulling my stockings on. I quickly rushed to get dressed and to the blow out the beeswax candles I had lit earlier (I didn’t want things to look too romantic). In my rush, I managed to spill hot wax all over my brown American Apparel halter dress… and answered the door looking an absolute mess! I sheepishly let Tay in, stumbling over my words in embarrassment and went to change into my white dress of the same design. I totally forgot I was wearing dark garments underneath (as I had been wearing a brown dress) and walked around the entire evening totally oblivious to my indecency. Everyone who saw me knew exactly what I was wearing underneath!

I stuck my brown dress in the freezer (I had read this helps to remove wax from clothing… but it did not work. My dress is ruined!) and focused on dinner. Tay had brought a homemade dessert, expensive wine, and the board game Scrabble, which totally out shone my simple pasta dish. I didn’t have the proper pots, pans, or cooking utensils to make things right, and the sauce was a bit odd. Tay was polite about it all though and ate my disaster without complaint… and actually pretended it was good!

Tay had made crème brule for dessert, flavoured with earl grey, and served in adorable white dishes. I didn’t have any sugar, so we went on an adventure to explore the stores in my new neighbourhood. I noticed a blow-torch in Tay’s bag, which confused me greatly as I had only seen them used in dubious circumstances during my time in student housing. However, that was not why Tay had it. Instead, he took it out to finish the crème brule, making me feel rather silly to suspect anything other.

After dessert (it tasted wonderful) we played Scrabble. I won by 200 points which is impressive considering I hadn’t played since I was 13. It was getting late, so we decided not to play another game. Tay gave me a hug goodbye and went home as he had work the next morning. I did not have work to go to… but I did have a job interview!

The interview was at Perform, a telemarketing agency that sells seats at conferences for $2000 a pop. I spent 45 minutes in the man’s office, listening to excessive repetition of the importance of client’s privacy, confidence in your speaking voice, and never straying from the script. I just smiled and nodded the whole time, never having to answer any questions. It wasn’t a job interview- it was a drill.

I was requested to research a conference and write a script and call the company the next day for my phone test. I had thought telemarketing was easy work to get, but found myself stressing out immensely about the script. I did as I was told, and practiced my script until I had it confidently memorized. I then sat on the couch with a black Russian martini and listened to music, trying to relax.

Nicole called to invite me out for drinks with her and the McGill music crowd. I didn’t feel like moving, but after half an hour managed to peel myself from my cushion and cycled over to Bifteque on St. Laurent. Everyone was there- Lianna, Aria, Carlo, Emil, Greg, and Caro… Carlo and Nicole treated me to some drinks and we sat and chatted until everyone went home.

The three of us were having a serious craving for poutine afterwards, so went to some 24 hour place on Rachel near Park Lafontaine. The two love birds (Nicole & Carloe) split a hot dog and a poutine topped with smoked meat, and I had a regular poutine. I had been told this place had the best poutine in Montreal, but the fries were not as fat, soft, or flavourful as Frite Alors, and the cheese curds were too big and cold to melt in the bit of gravy drizzled on top. I was not impressed.

The next morning, I got up super-early to rehearse my script. At 10am, I called the office and… I failed my test. My voice was not confident enough to sell $2000 seats at a conference (damn it). However, I had dinner with my friend Dunter to look forward to that evening.

I managed to make a far better meal for Dunter, learning from my mistakes from dinner with Tay. I bought fresh pasta, basil, cherry tomatoes, and a pre-made cream sauce. I arranged it all beautifully on square plates. It tasted delicious! Dunter and I did the dishes together, then he took me out to a patisserie he knew of near my house for dessert.

Dunter ordered hazelnut cream wrapped in a chocolate-covered cookie and I had chocolate-orange gelato. It was near the AMC movie theatre, so we went to see what movies were on. There were none that I knew of, so I chose Public Enemies for us to watch as it looked nostalgic. It turned out to be a poor choice. It was one bank robbery after another (and rather dull robberies at that). Luckily, I love 1930’s fashions, so entertained myself looking at the cut of the mens’ suit, the drape of the womens’ skirts, and the hairstyles throughout the film.

When we came out of the movie theatre, the temperature had dropped dramatically. It was freezing!  Dunter walked me to my apartment where we said goodbye and I rushed in to escape the cold. I felt sorry for Dunter, who had a long bike ride home. I don’t know how he does it!

That night, I packed for my trip to Niagara as my grandfather’s memorial was that weekend. I was meeting my cousin in Ottawa to catch a ride down with them. Nicole happened to be going home to Niagara too that weekend to visit family, so we took the bus together. We were very excited by the time we squished in the back of my cousin Kate’s car, and drove her and her husband nuts I’m sure. We were like children going through waves of excitement, crashing, falling asleep, then up in giggles and pillow fights once again. It was great fun! Backseat antics for sure!

Now I sit at the kitchen table on my Mum’s computer having just finished making Poppa’s memorial CD for the luncheon tomorrow. Mum just came home from swimming at the YMCA and is about to make us a cup of afternoon tea. I could certainly do with a cup! Its chilly out today and I defiantly need the caffeine… tea!


5 responses to “Backseat Antics

  1. For the dress, heat up your iron (about medium) and put a paper bag over the wax and iron over the paper bag. The wax should stick to the paper bag. Let it cool a bit before lifting up the paper, but not all the way. You might need a few paper bags to get it all out, if it’s a lot.

    • Thanks Tallulah! It certainly is alot of wax. I will go buy a pack of paper bags from the dollar store and try your wonderful idea. Oh I hope it works! THANK YOU!

  2. No problem! Try googling the problem, too. I bet there are tonnes of home remedies.

  3. How can you defy coffee, silly you?

  4. Oups, it would be tea, silly me…!

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