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Lattes in the Rain

Autumn at the antique shop near my apartment.

Autumn at the antique shop near my apartment.

On Wednesday, Jason took me to Benelux after work for 2 for 1 beer night. It looks like a very dingy bar from the outside, but the inside was very classy! It was decked out with contemporary furniture and lighting, large windows, mirrors, and filled with attractive people. The beer there is $8 a pint, but as it was 2 for 1 night, it was very affordable. The music was fantastic and we had a lovely time.

I decided to stay in on Thursday. After work, I came home and watched episodes of Are You Being Served and Keeping Up Appearances before going to bed at a reasonable hour. I got two invitations to go out, one from Jason and another from Tay, but I just couldn’t be bothered. I needed a cozy night in.

Friday was my day off, so I slept in, cleaned the apartment, and went grocery shopping. Dunter happened to have the day off too, so he dropped by at 3:00 and we hung out for the rest of the day. He took me out to a little Chinese restaurant near my house for dinner where I had a big bowl of soup. Then, we went to see Dead Snow, a German horror/comedy about Nazi zombies. I was clinging to Dunter the entire time as I have never seen so much gore in my life. I kept thinking how much Chris would love this film if he saw it. I wonder if it’s playing in St. Catharines?

After the movie, Dunter and I went to Philips Lounge to meet up with our friends. Giro gave me advice on selling insurance, Eva and I discussed the photo shoot I will be working with her on, and Julian, Jason, and I just talked about normal university things.

Dunter wasn’t in a very social mood that evening, so drove me home relatively early, where I picked up my bicycle and rode to Nicole’s house to hang out with her and Caro. We ended up having a big sleepover. As Aria was gone that night, I slept in her big comfy bed. It was wonderful!

At 7am the following morning, their black kitten Apollo woke me up wanting to play. He was adorable! He kept burrowing under the covers, then jumping up onto the windowsill. He was so cute!

On my way to work Saturday morning, I went to the grocery store. I picked up two bottles of Vitamin Water and a bottle of Gatorade (Margaret’s wise woman advice) to aid with my slight hangover before heading to telemarketing. I ended up having a rather amusing day at work, as I had one man go on about how beautiful my voice way and I should work in broadcasting or voice acting, another man tell me his sad life story, and then another two people yell at me for calling their house multiple times in a week.

After work, I went over to Emily’s house to give her a computer lesson. On the way, I decided to stop in the small grocer’s near my old sublet at Berrie and Cherrie. They had big avocados on sale for .77 cents, almond milk for $2.50, and my favourite vermicelli for $1.99. I was absolutely thrilled!

The computer lesson turned out to be more of a social hang-out than anything educational, but it was fun none-the-less. We were both yawning away my 11pm though, so I bicycled on home. I meant to go to bed straight away, but then got distracted by looking at shoes on the Internet until 2am.

Sunday was a miserable day; cold, cloudy, grey, and rainy. At 3:00, I met up with Tay at Art Java to confirm that we were just friends (I feel like this would be a mutual agreement) but he had such a horrible weekend that I figured now was not the time. His ex-girlfriend has been stalking him again, and he literally had to run to the coffee shop in order to avoid her as she was waiting outside his door. I listen to his stories in disbelief, as he seems to have dated such crazies, yet he’s such a sweet, smart, and handsome guy!

We only hung out for an hour, which was until our lattes were sipped dry from our white mugs. Tay and I gave each other a light hug goodbye where he said “I’ll call you Tuesday.” which is making me think that he maybe the one who is going to say “We can only be friends.” thing. I hope that we stay friends. He’s such a nice guy.

I decided to go to bed early as Sunday was not a very nice day to be awake in. I watched a 1949 noir film called Too Late For Tears then went to bed. It was a pretty bad film about a housewife that goes on a murder spree. It really only got interesting in the last half hour when hidden identities were revealed.

I woke up early the next morning and worked on some logo for Campus Co-op. The Lowther Division Rep asked me to design them a logo to be used on Facebook, and I’ve been putting it off due to all my socializing and drama. Now I should probably get ready for work now. I’m still in my pajamas! Aaa!


Late Night Rant

Bicycling home down boul. de Maisonneuve at night.

Bicycling home down boul. de Maisonneuve at night.

Monday was my first full day on the phones at work. It wasn’t as bad as I had expected, although I felt like I was on a conveyer belt in a voice factory, saying the same thing over and over again. It felt kinda strange. Luckily no one yelled at me today, but I didn’t get any sales. There were a few people I probably could have milked one out of by praying on their fears, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it… its feels so morally wrong!

After I finished work at 9pm, I met Nicole at the McGill music library. We walked together to her house where we found her roommate Aria watching the 1992 version of Romeo & Juliet. It was still a visually appealing movie to watch, but I kept cracking up laughing at DiCaprio’s acting. It was so funny!

Aria had just made a batch of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, so we sat in front of the TV and vegged away on her freshly baked delights. After Romeo & Juliet ended, we put on the French film Priceless, but it was too difficult for me to follow without subtitles, so we put in Austen Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

Did you ever notice how the French version of this film is called Austen Powers: Agent Secret Oo Sexe? Nicole and I had a good chuckle over the Oo bit. We also had a good chuckle over how bad the movie was. This was one of my favourite movies when it came out in 1999 (I still know most of lines) but we both sat through it laughing at the slapstick humour and groaning with shame that we were watching this. Its so bad!

After the film, I walked Nicole to Milton and Alymer where we said farewell (she to Second Cup, me to home). I went to bed and had a beautiful dream about going to green Niagara for a wine tasting tour with my new Montreal friends, then hanging out in a sunny brown and white mafia artist’s apartment filled with paintings and papers everywhere. I woke up reluctantly to my roommate making breakfast, and laid in bed for awhile trying to fall back asleep. I didn’t feel too tupper that morning, so hit up the vitamin C and echinacea in case I was catching a cold.

Work felt more morally wrong that day, and I had to keep reminding myself that I actually wasn’t a terrible person, it was just the marketing department who was responsible for making telemarketers pester people relentlessly at home, calling then multiple times in a single day for a product that they do not need or want. I made one sale though… so perhaps I’m not as vile as people think I am.

After work, I met up with Jason at the McGill engineering building. We walked down to Harvey’s to grab some pre-movie food before heading to see Tim Burton’s new film 9. It was an alright film, but nothing special. I left the cinema shrugging my shoulders, and Jason and I immediately went in search of a bar. It was surprisingly hard to find one open that late on a Tuesday, but eventually we found one with a horrible screamo band playing in a venue filled with mid-twenty-something’s who looked like they were trapped in the nineties. It was a very odd place to find ourselves in. It was almost as if we were back in high school!

Now I sit at home, having ridden home on my bike. I’m rather sleepy. but reluctant to go to bed. Tomorrow is yet another day of telemarketing and I don’t look forward to it one bit. I just have to keep reminding myself that its just a job… and once I finish paying off 6 months of credit card debt and 4 years of university I can finally buy that pair of blue booties at Aldo which I’ve had my eye on all season! Yay- shoes!

Black Velvet


I started my new job at the telemarketing agency Gemma Communications this week. It’s a pretty degrading job to have, selling insurance over the phone, but at least I’m gainfully employed!

I take great pleasure in my breaks as the office is located in an area rich in cafes and high-end interior design stores. My morning ritual is to go get a $1 coffee at Art Java and to window shop at stores I can only fantasize of ever shopping at. I take great pleasure in trying to date and name some of the more classic designs Knoll has. I would like to take a History of Design course again just for fun.

On Friday, I had Dunter over for dinner. I made a hearty meal of pork tenderloin smothered in Dijon mustard and fresh thyme, scalloped potatoes, sweet carrots, salad, and brie. I must confess that I was a bit worried at how it would turn out. I haven’t cooked pork tenderloin or even potatoes in at least 2 years… but hey- it was quite tasty! I was impressed.

After dinner, Dunter proposed that we go to the AMC cinema to see Jennifer’s Body, which I had happened to read about it earlier that day in a spare bit of newspaper I came across in the cafeteria at work.  It was a light hearted horror film, with elements of comedy and the innocence of teenage love. The most memorable part of the film was when the indie band sacrificed a ‘virgin’ to Satan in order to make it in the music scene. It was an excellent combination of horror and comedy… and the scene was totally unexpected and hilarious in context to the rest of the film.

After work on Saturday, I took my friend Jason out for dinner as a thank you for fixing my bike. We randomly walked around until we came across a charming little place called Nyks. It was one of those fancy pubs with art on the wall and a wide selection of microbrews. I got a ‘black velvet’ as I liked the name. It turned out to be a interesting combination of cider with Guinness. Jason was entertained by how the two liquids stayed separate the whole time but I was more in awe by the taste. It was like a dessert; creamy and sweet!

After burgers and beer, we went to check out the new fountains at Place-des-Arts. Montreal recently installed a series of lit fountains that flow to music. I envied whoever got to design the water movements- it looked so cool! Much of the water was lit by red lights so that resembled hot lava spurting out of the ground. I could have stood and watched it forever. It was so memorizing! Montreal is awesome!

We made our way up St. Laurent to Yeh!, a self-serve frozen yogurt bar that charges by weight (Montrealers seem to really dig this whole food by weight thing). I got all excited at the sight of all the goodies and Jason encouraged that I try all the flavours that I could fit in my bowl. I got cheesecake, pomegranate, and matcha flavoured yogurt, with diced pineapple, fresh raspberries, and Reese’s Pieces on top. It was so crazy… and so good!

We sat on the patio and watched all the attractive young-things walk. It was a very pleasant way to spend a Saturday night; people watching and chatting about life. Near midnight, Jason walked me to Nicole’s apartment where I found Nicole & Carlo were lounging in the living room when I arrived. Carlo entertained himself with my iPhone as Nicole and I caught up on each other’s lives (I hadn’t seen her in a whole five days!). Carlo was impressed by my music taste, and found the combination of Louis Armstrong and Dragonnette quite humourous (although I haven’t listened to the latter in quite some time).

I finally made it to the laundromat on Sunday morning. It is down a quaint little street, lined with trees and lovely old houses. As my washing spun around in the machine, I sat in a patch of sun and dazedly watched the shadows of the trees outside make patterns on the pale pink tile flooring at my feet. It was very beautiful and I thought it fit for an artistic urban film.

Now I sit at home in my quiet apartment. The only sounds are that of the fridge buzzing and the clocks ticking- noises which one can get used to. Its been a pleasant weekend- and I start Week 2 of my job tomorrow! Yay!

Two Days

A sculpture encountered during my walk down Sherbrooke.

A sculpture encountered during my walk down Sherbrooke.

Monday was a grey, slightly rainy day, so I decided to do my errands on foot rather than risk cycling in the rain. I went to the McGill library, the grocery store, and to a cold-calling workshop at Montreal’s Youth Employment Services. The workshop didn’t improve my sense of hope or confidence in finding a job in my field as I had hoped. Instead, I felt myself melting into the plastic chair of the conference room wondering what to do with my now useless design degree in fashion communication.

In the evening, I met up with Jason who took me and my squeaky bicycle to the McGill bike co-op. I ran into Tay on the way, which was pretty random. I was walking past his apartment building when I saw him come out. He was wearing his signature tweed poor-boy cap and thick-rimmed glasses, stooping in his poor posture, with his palm outstretched checking for rain. He looked so cute! I went over and said a quick hello, my black umbrella in one hand, holding my bike in the other. He was rather surprised to see me, but we made plans to go out on Sunday.

The bike co-op was full of very sexy boys. They were surprisingly well-dressed for mucking around with bike grease; expensive skinny jeans, stylish glasses like Tay’s, and perfectly coiffed hair. One young repairman had shoulder-length curly brown hair (dreamy!) and was particularly flirty with all the girls with broken bicycles. It was entertaining to watch to say the least.

We got to the shop a bit late, and it soon closed after our arrival, so Jason took me to his laboratory in the McGill engineering building. The lab looked like something out of a movie set. It was deep underground with a dungeon-esque look to it, very messy and there was weird stuff everywhere. Jason spent over 3 hours fixing my bike, cursing the whole time but never giving up. He wouldn’t let me touch anything so not to risk getting my hands dirty. So, I just patiently sat on a rickety chair watching him work and playing with my iPhone until he was done. Then he took it for a test run over the McGill campus, which I had a good chuckle over as he looked so funny riding my little green cruiser with plastic flowers stuck on the back. But guess what? It doesn’t squeak anymore! Yay!

After I thanked Jason with a big hug, I went to Nicole’s house. She, Aria, and Carlo had just finished baking banana bread, which they tried to turn purple with food colouring (it turned brown when baked). We sat and talked until midnight, when I cycled home on my squeak-free bike (so exciting!).

I got up bright and early Tuesday morning to go to the walk in clinic. I’ve been bruising easily lately, so went to see if I had a vitamin deficiency. I took a number and sat in the waiting room for over an hour before I found out that I had come during the wrong clinic hours. So, I went home to make coffee before returning at 9am when I waited for another 2 hours before a doctor saw me. Once I actually got in the doctor’s office, I had all sorts of blood tests done and was sent home clueless.

I made a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch then had an afternoon nap to make up for all my lost sleep of that morning. I awoke in goodtime to make it to my job interview at Gemma Communications, a telemarketing agency I’d applied to last month. The application and interview was pretty pathetic, but hey, I got the job.

When I left the building, I noticed a large SAQ Selection (Quebec’s LCBO) directly across from my future-workplace… This could potentially be a bad thing: unpleasant job where people scream at you all day on the phone… and a big liquor store. Hm.

Of course, I just had to go into the liquor store. I found Starbucks cream liqueur on the clearance shelf, and picked up a single serving bottle of red wine. Once home, I made pasta for dinner that evening, and a big pot of soup to last me the rest of the week while sipping my Starbucks liqueur and listening to Ratatat.

After dinner, I cycled to McGill to check my e-mail, then returned home where I now sit listening to Amon Tobin. I can’t decide whether to watch an episode of Cadfael or go to bed early as I have to get up early for telemarketing training tomorrow! Such decisions.

Summer in September

Building across from Provigo.

Building across from Provigo.

The social life one expects to have in the summer actually began for me when students went back to school. I applied to work like crazy during the day, and socialized my sorrows away at night.

On Tuesday, I met up with my friend Lauren, whom had just moved to Montreal to attend film at Concordia. We went to Carlos & Pepes for $2 tacos and nachos, splitting a pitcher of beer. Afterwards, walked around aimlessly before deciding to go see a movie as it was cheap night at Scotia Bank Theatre. I called up my roommate Chloe and the three of us went to see District 9. Everyone had told me how amazing it was, but forgotten to mention the gore. We were all cringing in our seats at the sight of bodily decay, and violent destruction… and left the theatre a bit stunned.

On Thursday, Jason took me out for dinner at Lola Rosa, a vegetarian restaurant close to McGill University. I had a veggie burger and Jason had some sort of nut curry. Afterwards, we went to Java U for cake, where he let me pick peanut-butter and chocolate cheesecake. It was so yummy!

After dinner. Nicole & Carlo met me out front of the library and the three of us went to a martini lounge called Gogo’s. The interior decoration had a strong 1960’s feel to it, but they played remixes of all our favourite 90’s songs, and all the staff were dressed up as firemen/women. Our waitress was in a tiny little pink firewoman dress, high heeled white boots, and a hard hat. She seemed to always be in pose- even when at the cash register! Impressive.

Carlo treated us each to a martini before driving us to China Town to go to your stereotypical late-night Chinese restaurant. This one had a funny name: VIPs, which didn’t quite go with the whole disposable tablecloth and florescent lighting of the place. Carlo ordered for us each a wonton soup, spring roll, a noodle dish, and a chicken dish. None of us were very hungry, so we ended up taking most of it home to eat the next day. Free food!

On Friday, Giro took me out for coffee before going to Philips Lounge. We sat on the patio of Second Cup sipping our cappuccinos while admiring the night lights and the beautiful flowers around us before meeting up with our friends at Philips Lounge. There, we had fun chatting away as always, and before I knew it- it was midnight! I had another party to go to, so rushed off to Lianna’s house where she was having her big start-of-year bash.

The place was overflowing with students. It’s a big apartment, but not big enough to hold over a hundred people. I felt like a sardine in a can. It was hard to maintain conversation and as there was no dance floor, I ended up sitting on the outdoor steps for half and hour before giving up and cycling home. I really should have gotten there earlier.

On Saturday, Tay invited me over for tea. I entertained myself saying “Tea with Tay” the whole day (it sounds so funny!). When I arrived, he had a lovely platter of cheese, crackers, nuts, and fruit, as well as a bottle of Argentinean Malbec wine (Tristan’s lasting influence on my wine purchases has spread to others). We discussed Tay’s plans for an art collective over wine, and then went for an evening walk.

When we got home, Tay put on the kettle and we settled down to watch… Wall-E. Yes, I know- it’s a Disney film, but somehow it fit into the evening well (and now I can say I’ve finally seen it). I didn’t end up going home until 2am, when we both started falling asleep on the couch. However, before I left, we made plans to go to the Montreal burlesque festival with him next week. I’m excited! It will make an interesting blog post for you.

I slept in Sunday morning and totally missed the filming of a student’s project I was to be an extra in. I was suppose to get a ride there with Giro, but he wasn’t feeling well and I didn’t have time to take the metro there and get back in time for the photo shoot I was helping out at that afternoon, and return the laptop I’d rented from McGill. Aaa!

After returning the computer, I hurried to the for-fun photo shoot where I modeled for a friend. Afterwards, all of the models and photographers went out to dinner at a Portuguese restaurant where I had a huge platter of fries, salad, and sausage (that strongly resembled Indian tandoori). I was stuffed, and found it a bit hard to cycle home on such a full stomach and wine.

My new friend Julian, whom I had met at Philips Lounge that week, had messaged me encouraging I come visit him at work that evening. He is a barista at Java U, and as it was conveniently located on my way home, I popped in to say hello. The place was dead, so we ended up chatting for about half an hour. He made me a complimentary drink of decaf coffee, chocolate, and froth (he got promoted because his milk froth was so good) and we ended up chatting for almost an hour. It was great!

When I got home, my roommate was doing her class readings on Heidegger. Our neighbour had brought around some pie for us that evening, so I knocked on her door to introduce myself and thank her for the cake. We carisimated together over noisy students for a bit, before retreating back into our apartments… where now I sit.

Angels, Acrobats, & Lost Keys

House along Carre St. Louis.

House along Carre St. Louis.

My weekend started on Thursday when Dunter invited me to a cocktail party at Philips Lounge. We went to Canadian Tire along the way to get motor oil for his motorcycle, followed by cappuccino and crème brule at a cafe near by.

Strife occurred when Dunter went to put the oil in his bike, as the key had fallen through a hole in the storage box and into the back of the motorcycle. We tried many different ways to try to get hold of the key, but in the end, Dunter had to take a knife and cut a hold in the plastic of the storage area of the bike so he could reach down and get the key! Oh no!

It was a different crowd at Philips Lounge that evening, and I knew no one except for Dunter. Everyone was speaking French, which I was able to catch the occasional word of, but spent most of the time silently watching people’s body language and studying the clothing and accessories people wore.

The following evening I took Nicole and Lianna to the unusual dance club, Club Sin where my friends Jason and Dunter were that evening. Dunter kept creeping up behind me to surprise me, earning him the nickname ‘Phantom Hands’ from Nicole. All of us danced together on the stage, having a great time with the industrial music that was mostly unfamiliar to our ears.

The following morning, I was volunteering at a workshop day Dunter had organized with some friends. With my experience in customer service, I was in charge of the door and providing information on the workshops being offered. Silly me, did not record the address in my iPhone, so cycled around until I finally found the hotel it was at on St. Hubert. I ended up getting there before the instructors and models arrived though, so stylishly leaned against the wall outside reading a graphic design magazine until Dunter found me.

They hadn’t had breakfast yet, so we went to a café for some food. I had already eaten, but Dunter treated me to a warm almond croissant (my favourite!) and everyone else had very healthy looking breakfasts consisting of eggs, cheese, vegetables, and grains. One of the instructors was this big burly man who had come all the way from NYC to teach, who insisted on soy in his latte and no cheese on his sandwich (he ordered a strawberry margarita later at dinner that night) I found to be quite an amusing contrast to his image.

My job was to manage the door, so we thought I could stand just inside the classroom to accept guests and watch the workshops… however there were so many late-comers that didn’t work out! I had to move outside, into the hall so that the business transactions and visitor information I gave would not disturb the class. The workshops were similar to those being offered at Good For Her, except here we had 7 in a row, each an hour long.

By 6:30, we were all very tired and hungry. Dunter took the instructors, model, and me out for dinner as a thank-you (we were all volunteers as all the proceeds went to renting the venue). I ordered a huge spinach and carrot salad topped with grilled chicken, which was so big I had trouble getting through it all. We all shared stories and watched the people walk by on Ste-Catherine, making it a very pleasant start to the evening indeed.

That night, I met up with Giro, Eve, and Jason at Club Melody. The music was just quiet enough to have a conversation, but not loud enough to dance… Jason however, convinced me to dance, telling me stories of his party days in Russia. There were live acrobats performing above us on the dancefloor. One woman was in a hoop suspended from the ceiling, and another danced in the air while suspended like a martinet. It was quite impressive!

I had been hoping to see the suspended silk dancer before I left, but by 2:30am I was tired, so Jason walked me to my bike and I went home. I slept in until 11am the following morning and did not want to get out of bed. Eventually I did, followed by both Dunter and Giro & Eve calling to see if I was going to the Rococo Ball that evening. I really didn’t have anything to wear, but agreed to go anyway.

That afternoon, I met up with Tay. We walked around aimlessly together until we came across a movie theatre and decided to go see the comedy Extract. Tay was hungry, so we went to get some food at a bar before the film. We went to 3 Brassiere, a popular pub in Montreal for burgers, and got into the cinema just in time to see the previews. The film had a television-show feel to it, but was quite light-hearted and funny. We both enjoyed it, and afterwards continued our aimless walk around. We went to Place-des-Arts, then to Carre St. Louis, then to a coffee shop for a coffee and smoothie until Tay walked me back to my house in time for me to get ready for that night’s dance party.

Around 11pm, I headed to the Rococo Ball to meet Giro and Eve. There was very little dancing going on, yet the music was just a tad too loud to have a conversation. There were plenty of performances to amuse though… and unlike yesterday, they were actually good! There was a dance performance with three erotic angles, one of which played a violin that spurted fire! There was also a scarf dancer/climber, and the theatrical schoolgirl fight scene, a burlesque performance, and a sexy zombie dance to Michael Jackson.

When Giro and Eva went home, I went and sat near Dunter’s suspension station (he was in charge of the suspension and safety of the acrobats at all the weekend events). Dunter was obviously busy, so I chatted with Jay and Dov until the club closed (two of the workshop instructors from Saturday). Jay taught me how to properly tie suspension rope for storage and I helped the three of them pack up the suspension equipment. They were all very tired, but were determined to do a photoshoot that night at the art gallery on Sherbrooke. I thought it sounded fun, so met them there on my bike (it was conveniently on my way home).

When last in New York together, they had tied a model to a large sculpture of a bull outside the N.Y stock exchange as a commentary on the economic situation. There was a bronze cow outside the gallery, and the idea behind this shoot was ‘Everything’s bigger in NYC.” It was really cold out, so Dunter, the model, and I played musical jackets the whole time. There was a sculpture of a vulva next to the cow, so they did a photo shoot there too. I played gopher, getting camera equipment from the bag for the photographer, and keeping the model warm when there was a pause in the shoot. I had a great time and I can’t wait to see the pictures!

After the shoot I said my goodbyes and cycled on home (the art gallery is around the corner from my apartment). I woke up early the next morning and now I sit at my computer, reminiscing about the weekend. I’m so happy in Montreal! I know so many interesting and kind people here, and there’s always something to do.

Montreal is great!

Unpleasantness Ending With Gelato

Flying into darkness in Montreal...

An unemployed Montreal angel stepping into her doom.

Wednesday started off as a horrible day despite the fact I woke up determined to make it a productive day.

I called two telemarketing agencies and left messages on their recruiting answering machines before going out to go buy a long extension cord for my computer (the only grounded outlets in the new apartment are in the common area). I chose to walk to the Canadian Tire as it was nice out and spent an hour looking at cords. I ended up buying a cheap power bar and a workman’s extension cord… but when I got home, I found that the workman’s cord was two-pronged! I had bought the wrong cord!

I decided to take my bike this time, as I could go exchange the cord on my way to McGill to use their internet job-searching. However, when I boarded my bike, I found the back tire was flat! This was really upsetting as I had only recently had the tire replaced and now their was a big hole in it. I must have ridden over something nasty last night in the dark.

I started walking to Canadian Tire, trying to figure out what to do. It seemed silly to pump more money into my bike when I need a new one anyway, so should I get a Bixi Bike membership for September, get a metro pass, or just walk everywhere… None of these options appealed to me at all.

During my walk, the handyman who works for my landlord called. He was outside my apartment, there to fix the light in my bedroom. I rushed back home to let him in, and explained to him the light would flicker, then go on and off on it’s own accord, and that my Dad had looked at it when he moved me in, saying that the fixture needed to be replaced. The handyman looked at it, and asked me to go get a new light bulb, so I went into the bathroom to take out the light bulb there which was new… and dropped the glass lamp cover on the tile floor. Glass splattered everywhere!

I gave the light bulb to the handyman, then got some damp paper-towel to clean up the broken glass. The handyman proudly called me over to point out that the light was working fine- it just needed a new light bulb. I felt like a complete idiot… one of those ninnies at Campus Co-op I’d always made fun of… As soon as he left, I burst into tears. I felt like absolute garbage; I was unemployed, my bicycle had broken, I had broken the bathroom lamp, and now found out that my bedroom light just needed a new bulb. @#%!

I trudged off once again to Canadian Tire, this time to buy a new glass lamp cover, a new light bulb, and to exchange my computer cord. The cheapest three-pronged cord was $10 more than the two-pronged one I’d bought, but it worked at least… I can now write and listen to music on my computer in my own room (by the light of the lamp that still flickers occasionally!).

I decided to make some comfort food for lunch and set about making toast in a saucepan… and managed to burn my hand. Things just weren’t going well. Fortunately, Nicole called me to ask for help dying her hair. I figured some cheerful company would do me some good, so walked to her house… passing all the high-end fashion boutiques and Holt Renfrew on my way there. That did not do much for my self-esteem.

Once at Nicole’s, we did her hair while watching the film Bend It Like Beckham and playing with Apollo, her kitten. I felt a lot better afterwards, and went home to make a can of chicken noodle for dinner before meeting my friends Giro and Eve for gelato. They picked me up at 7:00 and drove me to Roberto’s, which is said to have the best gelato in Montreal. Giro treated us all to three flavours. I got a nut flavoured one, Baci, and coffee. It was so soft and yummy that I savored every spoonful.

Afterwards, we went to La Croissanterie Figaro for tea and coffee. I had been there once before, during the day, with David. It was even more lovely at night with the yellow light accenting the flowers and Art Deco décor. We chatted for ages. Giro always has good stories to tell. I told him about my difficulties finding work, so he offered to take me to Chabenel to show me where all the fashion wholesalers are. I had never been to that part of town, and we drove really slowly so I could write down all the addresses and names of the fashion companies there.

Work done, we went for a leisurely drive through Outremont and Westmont (the wealthy parts of Montreal) to look at houses. Giro knew a lot about the history of the area, and was telling me about the construction and owners of many of the more spectacular homes. One of his more interesting stories was of a rich bootlegger who built a tunnel from his house at the top of the mountain all the way down to Sherbrooke Street so that he’d have somewhere to hide when people came to kill him (apparently this was a re-occurring problem). That tunnel must be rather handy in the winter!

When I got home, I found Chloe home. Unfortunately, she was going off to bed so we didn’t get to chat. So, I phoned Nicole to chat before heading off to bed. Now it is Thursday morning and I am enjoying a cup of Murchies tea. Its sunny and warm out, and I already feel like this morning will be a lot better than the last!