Unpleasantness Ending With Gelato

Flying into darkness in Montreal...

An unemployed Montreal angel stepping into her doom.

Wednesday started off as a horrible day despite the fact I woke up determined to make it a productive day.

I called two telemarketing agencies and left messages on their recruiting answering machines before going out to go buy a long extension cord for my computer (the only grounded outlets in the new apartment are in the common area). I chose to walk to the Canadian Tire as it was nice out and spent an hour looking at cords. I ended up buying a cheap power bar and a workman’s extension cord… but when I got home, I found that the workman’s cord was two-pronged! I had bought the wrong cord!

I decided to take my bike this time, as I could go exchange the cord on my way to McGill to use their internet job-searching. However, when I boarded my bike, I found the back tire was flat! This was really upsetting as I had only recently had the tire replaced and now their was a big hole in it. I must have ridden over something nasty last night in the dark.

I started walking to Canadian Tire, trying to figure out what to do. It seemed silly to pump more money into my bike when I need a new one anyway, so should I get a Bixi Bike membership for September, get a metro pass, or just walk everywhere… None of these options appealed to me at all.

During my walk, the handyman who works for my landlord called. He was outside my apartment, there to fix the light in my bedroom. I rushed back home to let him in, and explained to him the light would flicker, then go on and off on it’s own accord, and that my Dad had looked at it when he moved me in, saying that the fixture needed to be replaced. The handyman looked at it, and asked me to go get a new light bulb, so I went into the bathroom to take out the light bulb there which was new… and dropped the glass lamp cover on the tile floor. Glass splattered everywhere!

I gave the light bulb to the handyman, then got some damp paper-towel to clean up the broken glass. The handyman proudly called me over to point out that the light was working fine- it just needed a new light bulb. I felt like a complete idiot… one of those ninnies at Campus Co-op I’d always made fun of… As soon as he left, I burst into tears. I felt like absolute garbage; I was unemployed, my bicycle had broken, I had broken the bathroom lamp, and now found out that my bedroom light just needed a new bulb. @#%!

I trudged off once again to Canadian Tire, this time to buy a new glass lamp cover, a new light bulb, and to exchange my computer cord. The cheapest three-pronged cord was $10 more than the two-pronged one I’d bought, but it worked at least… I can now write and listen to music on my computer in my own room (by the light of the lamp that still flickers occasionally!).

I decided to make some comfort food for lunch and set about making toast in a saucepan… and managed to burn my hand. Things just weren’t going well. Fortunately, Nicole called me to ask for help dying her hair. I figured some cheerful company would do me some good, so walked to her house… passing all the high-end fashion boutiques and Holt Renfrew on my way there. That did not do much for my self-esteem.

Once at Nicole’s, we did her hair while watching the film Bend It Like Beckham and playing with Apollo, her kitten. I felt a lot better afterwards, and went home to make a can of chicken noodle for dinner before meeting my friends Giro and Eve for gelato. They picked me up at 7:00 and drove me to Roberto’s, which is said to have the best gelato in Montreal. Giro treated us all to three flavours. I got a nut flavoured one, Baci, and coffee. It was so soft and yummy that I savored every spoonful.

Afterwards, we went to La Croissanterie Figaro for tea and coffee. I had been there once before, during the day, with David. It was even more lovely at night with the yellow light accenting the flowers and Art Deco décor. We chatted for ages. Giro always has good stories to tell. I told him about my difficulties finding work, so he offered to take me to Chabenel to show me where all the fashion wholesalers are. I had never been to that part of town, and we drove really slowly so I could write down all the addresses and names of the fashion companies there.

Work done, we went for a leisurely drive through Outremont and Westmont (the wealthy parts of Montreal) to look at houses. Giro knew a lot about the history of the area, and was telling me about the construction and owners of many of the more spectacular homes. One of his more interesting stories was of a rich bootlegger who built a tunnel from his house at the top of the mountain all the way down to Sherbrooke Street so that he’d have somewhere to hide when people came to kill him (apparently this was a re-occurring problem). That tunnel must be rather handy in the winter!

When I got home, I found Chloe home. Unfortunately, she was going off to bed so we didn’t get to chat. So, I phoned Nicole to chat before heading off to bed. Now it is Thursday morning and I am enjoying a cup of Murchies tea. Its sunny and warm out, and I already feel like this morning will be a lot better than the last!


2 responses to “Unpleasantness Ending With Gelato

  1. It is admirable that you’re able to look on the bright side of life, even during days when it feels like the universe is conspiring against you. Alternatively, that you remember that tomorrow is another day. Both work, in my opinion.

    This latest post is a reminder that I should really try a gelato someday.

  2. I’m so glad the day ended with gelato. Remember not to believe what the black cloud of unemployment tells you about yourself – you are talented, intelligent and beautiful. This is a terrible time to be going out into the economy. Perhaps it will improve now the students are back at school, but you have a great language handicap. I love you.

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