Angels, Acrobats, & Lost Keys

House along Carre St. Louis.

House along Carre St. Louis.

My weekend started on Thursday when Dunter invited me to a cocktail party at Philips Lounge. We went to Canadian Tire along the way to get motor oil for his motorcycle, followed by cappuccino and crème brule at a cafe near by.

Strife occurred when Dunter went to put the oil in his bike, as the key had fallen through a hole in the storage box and into the back of the motorcycle. We tried many different ways to try to get hold of the key, but in the end, Dunter had to take a knife and cut a hold in the plastic of the storage area of the bike so he could reach down and get the key! Oh no!

It was a different crowd at Philips Lounge that evening, and I knew no one except for Dunter. Everyone was speaking French, which I was able to catch the occasional word of, but spent most of the time silently watching people’s body language and studying the clothing and accessories people wore.

The following evening I took Nicole and Lianna to the unusual dance club, Club Sin where my friends Jason and Dunter were that evening. Dunter kept creeping up behind me to surprise me, earning him the nickname ‘Phantom Hands’ from Nicole. All of us danced together on the stage, having a great time with the industrial music that was mostly unfamiliar to our ears.

The following morning, I was volunteering at a workshop day Dunter had organized with some friends. With my experience in customer service, I was in charge of the door and providing information on the workshops being offered. Silly me, did not record the address in my iPhone, so cycled around until I finally found the hotel it was at on St. Hubert. I ended up getting there before the instructors and models arrived though, so stylishly leaned against the wall outside reading a graphic design magazine until Dunter found me.

They hadn’t had breakfast yet, so we went to a café for some food. I had already eaten, but Dunter treated me to a warm almond croissant (my favourite!) and everyone else had very healthy looking breakfasts consisting of eggs, cheese, vegetables, and grains. One of the instructors was this big burly man who had come all the way from NYC to teach, who insisted on soy in his latte and no cheese on his sandwich (he ordered a strawberry margarita later at dinner that night) I found to be quite an amusing contrast to his image.

My job was to manage the door, so we thought I could stand just inside the classroom to accept guests and watch the workshops… however there were so many late-comers that didn’t work out! I had to move outside, into the hall so that the business transactions and visitor information I gave would not disturb the class. The workshops were similar to those being offered at Good For Her, except here we had 7 in a row, each an hour long.

By 6:30, we were all very tired and hungry. Dunter took the instructors, model, and me out for dinner as a thank-you (we were all volunteers as all the proceeds went to renting the venue). I ordered a huge spinach and carrot salad topped with grilled chicken, which was so big I had trouble getting through it all. We all shared stories and watched the people walk by on Ste-Catherine, making it a very pleasant start to the evening indeed.

That night, I met up with Giro, Eve, and Jason at Club Melody. The music was just quiet enough to have a conversation, but not loud enough to dance… Jason however, convinced me to dance, telling me stories of his party days in Russia. There were live acrobats performing above us on the dancefloor. One woman was in a hoop suspended from the ceiling, and another danced in the air while suspended like a martinet. It was quite impressive!

I had been hoping to see the suspended silk dancer before I left, but by 2:30am I was tired, so Jason walked me to my bike and I went home. I slept in until 11am the following morning and did not want to get out of bed. Eventually I did, followed by both Dunter and Giro & Eve calling to see if I was going to the Rococo Ball that evening. I really didn’t have anything to wear, but agreed to go anyway.

That afternoon, I met up with Tay. We walked around aimlessly together until we came across a movie theatre and decided to go see the comedy Extract. Tay was hungry, so we went to get some food at a bar before the film. We went to 3 Brassiere, a popular pub in Montreal for burgers, and got into the cinema just in time to see the previews. The film had a television-show feel to it, but was quite light-hearted and funny. We both enjoyed it, and afterwards continued our aimless walk around. We went to Place-des-Arts, then to Carre St. Louis, then to a coffee shop for a coffee and smoothie until Tay walked me back to my house in time for me to get ready for that night’s dance party.

Around 11pm, I headed to the Rococo Ball to meet Giro and Eve. There was very little dancing going on, yet the music was just a tad too loud to have a conversation. There were plenty of performances to amuse though… and unlike yesterday, they were actually good! There was a dance performance with three erotic angles, one of which played a violin that spurted fire! There was also a scarf dancer/climber, and the theatrical schoolgirl fight scene, a burlesque performance, and a sexy zombie dance to Michael Jackson.

When Giro and Eva went home, I went and sat near Dunter’s suspension station (he was in charge of the suspension and safety of the acrobats at all the weekend events). Dunter was obviously busy, so I chatted with Jay and Dov until the club closed (two of the workshop instructors from Saturday). Jay taught me how to properly tie suspension rope for storage and I helped the three of them pack up the suspension equipment. They were all very tired, but were determined to do a photoshoot that night at the art gallery on Sherbrooke. I thought it sounded fun, so met them there on my bike (it was conveniently on my way home).

When last in New York together, they had tied a model to a large sculpture of a bull outside the N.Y stock exchange as a commentary on the economic situation. There was a bronze cow outside the gallery, and the idea behind this shoot was ‘Everything’s bigger in NYC.” It was really cold out, so Dunter, the model, and I played musical jackets the whole time. There was a sculpture of a vulva next to the cow, so they did a photo shoot there too. I played gopher, getting camera equipment from the bag for the photographer, and keeping the model warm when there was a pause in the shoot. I had a great time and I can’t wait to see the pictures!

After the shoot I said my goodbyes and cycled on home (the art gallery is around the corner from my apartment). I woke up early the next morning and now I sit at my computer, reminiscing about the weekend. I’m so happy in Montreal! I know so many interesting and kind people here, and there’s always something to do.

Montreal is great!


One response to “Angels, Acrobats, & Lost Keys

  1. Dear Nell,
    It is such a pleasure to read your delicious stories and your photos of the sky remind me of what a refined and delicate artist you are — both with your camera and with words.

    And since I also lived in Montreal for a long time and still consider it to be my favourite city anywhere, I especially enjoy reading about your life there.

    Sending love your way, j’t’embrasse.

    June Etta

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