Summer in September

Building across from Provigo.

Building across from Provigo.

The social life one expects to have in the summer actually began for me when students went back to school. I applied to work like crazy during the day, and socialized my sorrows away at night.

On Tuesday, I met up with my friend Lauren, whom had just moved to Montreal to attend film at Concordia. We went to Carlos & Pepes for $2 tacos and nachos, splitting a pitcher of beer. Afterwards, walked around aimlessly before deciding to go see a movie as it was cheap night at Scotia Bank Theatre. I called up my roommate Chloe and the three of us went to see District 9. Everyone had told me how amazing it was, but forgotten to mention the gore. We were all cringing in our seats at the sight of bodily decay, and violent destruction… and left the theatre a bit stunned.

On Thursday, Jason took me out for dinner at Lola Rosa, a vegetarian restaurant close to McGill University. I had a veggie burger and Jason had some sort of nut curry. Afterwards, we went to Java U for cake, where he let me pick peanut-butter and chocolate cheesecake. It was so yummy!

After dinner. Nicole & Carlo met me out front of the library and the three of us went to a martini lounge called Gogo’s. The interior decoration had a strong 1960’s feel to it, but they played remixes of all our favourite 90’s songs, and all the staff were dressed up as firemen/women. Our waitress was in a tiny little pink firewoman dress, high heeled white boots, and a hard hat. She seemed to always be in pose- even when at the cash register! Impressive.

Carlo treated us each to a martini before driving us to China Town to go to your stereotypical late-night Chinese restaurant. This one had a funny name: VIPs, which didn’t quite go with the whole disposable tablecloth and florescent lighting of the place. Carlo ordered for us each a wonton soup, spring roll, a noodle dish, and a chicken dish. None of us were very hungry, so we ended up taking most of it home to eat the next day. Free food!

On Friday, Giro took me out for coffee before going to Philips Lounge. We sat on the patio of Second Cup sipping our cappuccinos while admiring the night lights and the beautiful flowers around us before meeting up with our friends at Philips Lounge. There, we had fun chatting away as always, and before I knew it- it was midnight! I had another party to go to, so rushed off to Lianna’s house where she was having her big start-of-year bash.

The place was overflowing with students. It’s a big apartment, but not big enough to hold over a hundred people. I felt like a sardine in a can. It was hard to maintain conversation and as there was no dance floor, I ended up sitting on the outdoor steps for half and hour before giving up and cycling home. I really should have gotten there earlier.

On Saturday, Tay invited me over for tea. I entertained myself saying “Tea with Tay” the whole day (it sounds so funny!). When I arrived, he had a lovely platter of cheese, crackers, nuts, and fruit, as well as a bottle of Argentinean Malbec wine (Tristan’s lasting influence on my wine purchases has spread to others). We discussed Tay’s plans for an art collective over wine, and then went for an evening walk.

When we got home, Tay put on the kettle and we settled down to watch… Wall-E. Yes, I know- it’s a Disney film, but somehow it fit into the evening well (and now I can say I’ve finally seen it). I didn’t end up going home until 2am, when we both started falling asleep on the couch. However, before I left, we made plans to go to the Montreal burlesque festival with him next week. I’m excited! It will make an interesting blog post for you.

I slept in Sunday morning and totally missed the filming of a student’s project I was to be an extra in. I was suppose to get a ride there with Giro, but he wasn’t feeling well and I didn’t have time to take the metro there and get back in time for the photo shoot I was helping out at that afternoon, and return the laptop I’d rented from McGill. Aaa!

After returning the computer, I hurried to the for-fun photo shoot where I modeled for a friend. Afterwards, all of the models and photographers went out to dinner at a Portuguese restaurant where I had a huge platter of fries, salad, and sausage (that strongly resembled Indian tandoori). I was stuffed, and found it a bit hard to cycle home on such a full stomach and wine.

My new friend Julian, whom I had met at Philips Lounge that week, had messaged me encouraging I come visit him at work that evening. He is a barista at Java U, and as it was conveniently located on my way home, I popped in to say hello. The place was dead, so we ended up chatting for about half an hour. He made me a complimentary drink of decaf coffee, chocolate, and froth (he got promoted because his milk froth was so good) and we ended up chatting for almost an hour. It was great!

When I got home, my roommate was doing her class readings on Heidegger. Our neighbour had brought around some pie for us that evening, so I knocked on her door to introduce myself and thank her for the cake. We carisimated together over noisy students for a bit, before retreating back into our apartments… where now I sit.


3 responses to “Summer in September

  1. Hi! It sounds like you are having a blast in Montreal!
    Thinking of you…good luck with job hunting…

  2. good luck with the job hunt….

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