Two Days

A sculpture encountered during my walk down Sherbrooke.

A sculpture encountered during my walk down Sherbrooke.

Monday was a grey, slightly rainy day, so I decided to do my errands on foot rather than risk cycling in the rain. I went to the McGill library, the grocery store, and to a cold-calling workshop at Montreal’s Youth Employment Services. The workshop didn’t improve my sense of hope or confidence in finding a job in my field as I had hoped. Instead, I felt myself melting into the plastic chair of the conference room wondering what to do with my now useless design degree in fashion communication.

In the evening, I met up with Jason who took me and my squeaky bicycle to the McGill bike co-op. I ran into Tay on the way, which was pretty random. I was walking past his apartment building when I saw him come out. He was wearing his signature tweed poor-boy cap and thick-rimmed glasses, stooping in his poor posture, with his palm outstretched checking for rain. He looked so cute! I went over and said a quick hello, my black umbrella in one hand, holding my bike in the other. He was rather surprised to see me, but we made plans to go out on Sunday.

The bike co-op was full of very sexy boys. They were surprisingly well-dressed for mucking around with bike grease; expensive skinny jeans, stylish glasses like Tay’s, and perfectly coiffed hair. One young repairman had shoulder-length curly brown hair (dreamy!) and was particularly flirty with all the girls with broken bicycles. It was entertaining to watch to say the least.

We got to the shop a bit late, and it soon closed after our arrival, so Jason took me to his laboratory in the McGill engineering building. The lab looked like something out of a movie set. It was deep underground with a dungeon-esque look to it, very messy and there was weird stuff everywhere. Jason spent over 3 hours fixing my bike, cursing the whole time but never giving up. He wouldn’t let me touch anything so not to risk getting my hands dirty. So, I just patiently sat on a rickety chair watching him work and playing with my iPhone until he was done. Then he took it for a test run over the McGill campus, which I had a good chuckle over as he looked so funny riding my little green cruiser with plastic flowers stuck on the back. But guess what? It doesn’t squeak anymore! Yay!

After I thanked Jason with a big hug, I went to Nicole’s house. She, Aria, and Carlo had just finished baking banana bread, which they tried to turn purple with food colouring (it turned brown when baked). We sat and talked until midnight, when I cycled home on my squeak-free bike (so exciting!).

I got up bright and early Tuesday morning to go to the walk in clinic. I’ve been bruising easily lately, so went to see if I had a vitamin deficiency. I took a number and sat in the waiting room for over an hour before I found out that I had come during the wrong clinic hours. So, I went home to make coffee before returning at 9am when I waited for another 2 hours before a doctor saw me. Once I actually got in the doctor’s office, I had all sorts of blood tests done and was sent home clueless.

I made a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch then had an afternoon nap to make up for all my lost sleep of that morning. I awoke in goodtime to make it to my job interview at Gemma Communications, a telemarketing agency I’d applied to last month. The application and interview was pretty pathetic, but hey, I got the job.

When I left the building, I noticed a large SAQ Selection (Quebec’s LCBO) directly across from my future-workplace… This could potentially be a bad thing: unpleasant job where people scream at you all day on the phone… and a big liquor store. Hm.

Of course, I just had to go into the liquor store. I found Starbucks cream liqueur on the clearance shelf, and picked up a single serving bottle of red wine. Once home, I made pasta for dinner that evening, and a big pot of soup to last me the rest of the week while sipping my Starbucks liqueur and listening to Ratatat.

After dinner, I cycled to McGill to check my e-mail, then returned home where I now sit listening to Amon Tobin. I can’t decide whether to watch an episode of Cadfael or go to bed early as I have to get up early for telemarketing training tomorrow! Such decisions.


One response to “Two Days

  1. Hi dear, Thinking of you lots these days. As I consider how you might get a job in Montreal with you design degree in fashion communication, it seems as if devoting yourself as much as possible to improving your French will be key. It is so hard to live and work there without being really fluent in both languages. I can’t remember whether you have plans to study French this fall. Anyway, I thought I’d throw this your way though you have probably already taken it into consideration. I have couple of friends who went to Montreal with almost no previous French and did manage to successfully work and live there, so I know it can be done. And hope it works for you, too.

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