Black Velvet


I started my new job at the telemarketing agency Gemma Communications this week. It’s a pretty degrading job to have, selling insurance over the phone, but at least I’m gainfully employed!

I take great pleasure in my breaks as the office is located in an area rich in cafes and high-end interior design stores. My morning ritual is to go get a $1 coffee at Art Java and to window shop at stores I can only fantasize of ever shopping at. I take great pleasure in trying to date and name some of the more classic designs Knoll has. I would like to take a History of Design course again just for fun.

On Friday, I had Dunter over for dinner. I made a hearty meal of pork tenderloin smothered in Dijon mustard and fresh thyme, scalloped potatoes, sweet carrots, salad, and brie. I must confess that I was a bit worried at how it would turn out. I haven’t cooked pork tenderloin or even potatoes in at least 2 years… but hey- it was quite tasty! I was impressed.

After dinner, Dunter proposed that we go to the AMC cinema to see Jennifer’s Body, which I had happened to read about it earlier that day in a spare bit of newspaper I came across in the cafeteria at work.  It was a light hearted horror film, with elements of comedy and the innocence of teenage love. The most memorable part of the film was when the indie band sacrificed a ‘virgin’ to Satan in order to make it in the music scene. It was an excellent combination of horror and comedy… and the scene was totally unexpected and hilarious in context to the rest of the film.

After work on Saturday, I took my friend Jason out for dinner as a thank you for fixing my bike. We randomly walked around until we came across a charming little place called Nyks. It was one of those fancy pubs with art on the wall and a wide selection of microbrews. I got a ‘black velvet’ as I liked the name. It turned out to be a interesting combination of cider with Guinness. Jason was entertained by how the two liquids stayed separate the whole time but I was more in awe by the taste. It was like a dessert; creamy and sweet!

After burgers and beer, we went to check out the new fountains at Place-des-Arts. Montreal recently installed a series of lit fountains that flow to music. I envied whoever got to design the water movements- it looked so cool! Much of the water was lit by red lights so that resembled hot lava spurting out of the ground. I could have stood and watched it forever. It was so memorizing! Montreal is awesome!

We made our way up St. Laurent to Yeh!, a self-serve frozen yogurt bar that charges by weight (Montrealers seem to really dig this whole food by weight thing). I got all excited at the sight of all the goodies and Jason encouraged that I try all the flavours that I could fit in my bowl. I got cheesecake, pomegranate, and matcha flavoured yogurt, with diced pineapple, fresh raspberries, and Reese’s Pieces on top. It was so crazy… and so good!

We sat on the patio and watched all the attractive young-things walk. It was a very pleasant way to spend a Saturday night; people watching and chatting about life. Near midnight, Jason walked me to Nicole’s apartment where I found Nicole & Carlo were lounging in the living room when I arrived. Carlo entertained himself with my iPhone as Nicole and I caught up on each other’s lives (I hadn’t seen her in a whole five days!). Carlo was impressed by my music taste, and found the combination of Louis Armstrong and Dragonnette quite humourous (although I haven’t listened to the latter in quite some time).

I finally made it to the laundromat on Sunday morning. It is down a quaint little street, lined with trees and lovely old houses. As my washing spun around in the machine, I sat in a patch of sun and dazedly watched the shadows of the trees outside make patterns on the pale pink tile flooring at my feet. It was very beautiful and I thought it fit for an artistic urban film.

Now I sit at home in my quiet apartment. The only sounds are that of the fridge buzzing and the clocks ticking- noises which one can get used to. Its been a pleasant weekend- and I start Week 2 of my job tomorrow! Yay!


3 responses to “Black Velvet

  1. Glad to know your bike is fixed Bun!

  2. Pressed Send to soon – I had a lovely afternoon. Lovely people from work came down on the train, we ate lunch at Henry of Pelham where I had the local charcuterie plate, and tasted at Flat Rock, Featherstone (the sheep went to market last week, drat), Lenko (the cult winery, he is great!), Tawse (yuk!), Fielding and had fantastic desserts at On the Twenty on the way back to the train. The weather was perfect and everyone was knocked out with how beautiful Niagara is.

  3. That sounds like such a wonderful afternoon… most ideal! Perhaps we should go on a little wine tasting when I’m home in October? I have such fond memories of such things. I do miss the countryside…

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