Dirty Puddle Water

Forgotten fabric in someone's garden.

Forgotten fabric in someone's garden.

Sunday through Tuesday I didn’t do anything social and it drove me a bit crazy. I resorted to going to bed early to escape the lonely evenings. This did not do anything to fix the dreaded ‘tired look’ I apparently have, which Dunter always comments on whenever I see him. Perhaps its something to do with my facial structure… maybe?

Fortunately, my friend Julian called me up to invite me out after work on Wednesday. We went to Kafein, a sheesha bar on Bishop at Maisonneuve, which was dimly lit and filled with bird cages, paper lanterns, and cheesy 1970’s furniture. Julian kept on running into people he knew there, and I happened to run into my friend Falani there too! Apparently it’s quite the popular joint for Concordia students.

I ended up drinking a surreal amount, but I guess my alcohol tolerance is so high that it didn’t do much. Instead, I just woke up early Thursday morning feeling really weird. I had an icy cold head rush whenever I stood up, had trouble walking for a few hours, and a bit of a headache. By noon, all but the headache went away so I dragged myself to work.

I was an absolutely miserable telemarketer that day, but apparently it worked well for me as I made 5 sales!!! It made me the star of the department that week. I had some bizarre customers though that day. The funniest was this one male client who would say how beautiful my voice was, ask whether I was married, and would I go on a date with him. He was quite disappointed when I told him I lived in Montreal, so it wouldn’t work as he was in Alberta. lol

Friday was a very bad days for sales. Only three of us made one  sale each. To top it all off, the computers went wacko and started calling the same customers over and over again within a fifteen minute time frame. So, we all had to log-off, and lost 45 minutes of pay (although we still had to remain in the building- WTF!).

After work on Friday, I went to attend a workshop on crafting for adults at Sin Academy. Everyone at the workshop was bilingual… except me. When I first arrived, they were all speaking French, which morphed into English once I showed up. My lack of language is so embarrassing!

After the workshop, I went in search of food. My only choices were Belle Province or Subway. Belle Province’s greasy poutine seemed very appealing to me at the time, but I decided to be ‘good’ and go to Subway instead. I soon remembered why I hate Subway: their bread is awful, all the toppings lack any flavour, and you have to make all these decisions… I always have a mini freak-out in my mind as soon as they ask “What toppings do you want on your sandwich?” – “I don’t know! I never make sandwiches! Aaaaa! Help me!”

After my flavourless sandwich of unknown meat, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, and hot peppers, I went back to Club Sin to sit with my friends and wait  for Dunter +troupe’s performance. There was lots of fireworks, liquid latex and glow sticks involved which managed to entertain me throughout the performance.

After the show, I danced a bit with my friends until Dunter came down from the dressing room. He took me on a tour of the backstage, leading me up a hidden wooden staircase. The dressing room looked quite similar to others I’d been in; old building, wood, tall doors and ceilings, everything falling apart- just how I like it!

Climbing the staircase brought back a vivid memory from my early childhood, when I was taken up a similar staircase to go visit my dad in the dressing room when his play about people drowning in the Titanic was put on last. I was aptly dressed in a little sailor costume at the time, and all the actresses were cooing over how cute I looked.

After I got introduced around, we decided to go out for a snack… and where did we end up? Yes, Subway. It was raining heavily by then, so we sat; Dunter with his sandwich, me with my Coca-Cola, waiting the rain out, but it didn’t stop. Neither of us had brought any rain gear, and as he rides a motorcycle and I ride a bicycle, the situation was not ideal for either of us.

Eventually we decided to venture outside where we said our fairwells under my black umbrella in the rain. I peddled off home in my little black dress with my pretty shoes filling with rain and dirty puddle water from the streets. I had a hot shower before going to bed, but I could not sleep for the life of me! I mean, I must have slept, but it didn’t feel like it – which was most annoying.

I was very grumpy Saturday morning. I had taken the day off work to go on a picnic on Mount Royal with Giro, Julian, Jason, Eva, Eve, and some more friends, but as it was raining, we had to cancel. So, I called up Nicole and we went shopping.

I decided to celebrate my first pay cheque by buying a new pair of  booties. We went to various shoe stores, and in the end I got a black suede pair of peep-toe ankle boots from Steve Madden with an angular heel that turned in. They’re very unusual and somehow remind me of a crow. Perhaps I’ll be a bird for Halloween…

We got home from shopping rather late, and Dunter was waiting outside to take me out to dinner. He had a little gift for me- a black neck scarf from New York! I thought it was awfully sweet of him and have been wearing it every day since. Its so pretty!

Dunter had previously invited me out with some friends to Buffet Ka Lo Hin, an Asian restaurant downtown. The food wasn’t that good, but that’s usually the case with buffet-style restaurants. I was the only non-French speaker in the group, but luckily Dunter had brought his Canon Rebel with him. So, I entertained myself throughout dinner by taking photographs of random things on the table.

Dunter taught me how to say “May I take your picture?” in French (was it “Preeg prend votre photo” now? I can’t remember). However, I usually just resorted to sign language when it came to taking pictures of him and his friends at the table as pointing at them, then the camera, seemed to work well for me.

After dinner, we went out to a party. Once again, everyone just spoke French, so I just sat there staring blankly at people as they spoke. I didn’t bother to giggle at the jokes that everyone was laughing at, as I had no idea what they were saying. I didn’t know what was worse: to laugh at a joke I didn’t comprehend or come off as a snobbish Toronto-ian… but its just I don’t speak the language.

On Sunday morning, I went to go visit Julian at the Javau at Guy and Maisonneuve (the coffee shop he works at). He made me a frothy hot chocolate ‘on-the-house’ and we hung out for awhile, reading the style section of the Globe and Mail and chatting until it was time for me to meet up with Rob.

I’d only hung out with Rob occasionally at parties, but today he had offered to drive me to a trendy craftshow up at St. Viateur. The craftshow was near my cousin Emilie’s house/shop, so I proposed we stop in there first. To our surprise, Emilie was a mutual friend, as her boyfriend was old school pals with Rob. What a small world!

Emilie was not home, so we went into the craftshow. It was filled with fashions by local designers, art, handmade jewelry, and cards. Rob bought us each a little cupcake to eat as we walked around, and he bought two posters by a local artist. I bought three  silk-screened postcards and an indie fashion magazine.

Afterwards, we went to Le Cagibi (my favourite café) for cappuccinos and discussed life for awhile. Time flew by and before I knew it, it was time to meet Loren at Picnik Electronik. Rob dropped me off at the metro, but we got distracted by the stores near by (Rob loves clothes shopping). So another two hours later, I finally boarded the subway.

My cell phone battery had run out of power, so I had no way to contact Loren when I got there. I walked around for a little bit, but couldn’t find him in the crowd, so went to go sit on a park bench by the water. There, I wrote Natalija and Caitlin both a postcard as I watched the sun set. It was lovely and so peaceful… especially with a techno concert going on in the background!

When I returned to Picnik Electronik, I managed to find Loren dancing with some friends of his underneath the big space-age sculpture. He shared his beer with me, and I soon found myself dancing away with everyone else. I’ve always enjoyed Picnik Electronik- there are people of all ages and styles there, dancing away, doing their own thing, and no one bugs you. I was particularly entertained by a dog there who’s tail, I swear, wagged to the beat of the music!

Now I sit at home, absolutely exhausted. It was a busy weekend with not enough hours in the evening to accomplish both sleep and fun… but its so worth it! Yay!


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