Bobbing Skirts & Lollipops

Statue near Philips Lounge, as seen during the day.

I haven’t felt all that inspired to write anything of late, but feel like I must share my Halloween weekend with you.

Friday was a chilly, rainy day. The streets were strewn with colourful leaves sparkling in the lamp light after the rain. Dunter took me out for dinner at a popular creperie called Creperie Bretonne Ty-Breiz. While we waited for our crepes to arrive, we munched on warm baguette and had a short language lesson (on describing my ideal future condo in French). I ordered a huge crepe filled with yummy spinach and a sweet cheese sauce. It was so big, I have no idea how I managed to eat it all… but I did! It was so yummy!

After dinner, we went to meet our friends at Philips Lounge. In spirit of Halloween, the night was school-costume themed. There were many schoolgirls running around, a couple of teachers, and principles milling about. The combination of short skirts, alcohol, and lollipops made me very giddy indeed!

I changed into a flirty schoolgirl outfit before meeting our friends in the VIP lounge. I was very excited to wear a mini-skirt, as it’s something I never do regularly. I paired it with a white blouse, a red scarf around my neck, white knee-high socks, my beret, and red patent shoes with a 5” heel.

My friend Eve had a full-plaid outfit on with even higher heels than me, with glasses and pigtails. Looking at her, you’d never guess she is more than twice my age! She and Giro both won the Best Costume award. Giro was a principle; smartly dressed and equipped with a pipe and wooden paddle. They certainly dressed the part!

I wasn’t feeling too social that evening, so casually drifted about the room not really engaging in any conversation. There were lollipops on all the tables in the lounge, so while I wasn’t sipping a Black Russian cocktail, I was sucking on a lollipop. Dunter found this very distracting.

Eve, P, and I posing at Philips Lounge

Dunter and I had no party to go to on Saturday, so went to go see Zombieland instead. It was a ridiculous yet funny film, and both of us thoroughly enjoyed it. I was having an irresistible craving for peanut butter dumplings, so we went to one of the Asian restaurants near me for dinner afterward. I love peanut butter…

On Sunday, I modeled for Eva. Her apartment was in a part of Montreal I’d never been to before. It was row upon row of low-rise brown-brick apartment buildings that looked like they’d been built in the 1950’s or 60’s. It was a long, dark walk from the metro, and the only people I passed were a colourful congregation of people exiting the Jehovah witness hall.

Once at Eva’s, we did a 1950’s pin-up inspired photo shoot in her apartment, and she made me a lovely chicken curry dinner as a thank-you for posing for her. I had a great time, and even got to wear one of those 1950’s cone-brassieres! My only challenge was facial expressions, but Eva says that will come with practice.

Eva used to be a professional photographer, but has been doing retouching for fashion photography and graphic design for the last 7 years. Her friend had forgotten to drop off his equipment that day, so we were stuck with an old digital camera with a very small memory card. It was quite funny, as every 5 pictures, we’d have to go to the computer to download the images and delete them off the card. That said, we didn’t take that many photos, but we got two good pictures out of the shoot!

So that was my Halloween weekend. “Schoolgirls, zombies, and pin-ups” sums it up well.


3 Replies to “Bobbing Skirts & Lollipops”

  1. Darling, you should check out what pops up when you touch the link – it is “Little Nell’s photo stream” and appears to be a country fair princess. I have a feeling this is not what you did at the photo shoot.

  2. Thats odd… because each time I click both the links (within the blog and the Link side bar) I get directed to my Photostream… no county fair princesses.

  3. PS: In regards to the links on your blog (right side column) you know, you can delete the and links eh? They look a bit odd being there in context of the other links.

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