Lemon Squares

On my way to work... (picture taken from bike lane on boul de Maisonneuve)

My week was spent between home and work, and not all that exciting. Friday however, was most pleasant:

I started my evening by going on a hunt for a lemon pastry, as I had an irresistible craving for a Dufflet lemon square. The closest thing I could get was a lemon tart at, well, Second Cup. I sat victoriously with my little lemon tart on a white plate and read the Review section of the Globe & Mail, and left feeling quite content.

Afterwards, I went to meet Jason & Valerie for pizza at a popular little Italian restaurant on Milton. It was a very obscure place, and I bicycled past it twice without knowing (the line-up around the block apparently doesn’t start until a little past 7pm). We shared a large mushroom pizza between us. I wasn’t all that impressed with the pizza- it was too fluffy and cheesy for my tastes.

Afterwards, we went to Java U for brownies and hot chocolate. Somehow I found room to finish off all the brownies when Jason & Valerie went on strike. I went home, and tried to figure out what to wear out that night that wouldn’t show the fact that I’d eaten more than an athletic male (Jason). I decided on black skinny jeans and a simple white blouse, and walked over to Hotel de la Montagne to meet Eve, Giro, and some friends.

The hotel lounge was a Baroque-inspired room, over-decorated with Christmas ornaments, playing the top 40 from the last 30 years very, very loudly. Eve was dancing up a storm when I arrived, but I wasn’t feeling at all inspired to dance, so sat with some recent acquaintances and discussed shoe designers. I was the only one in the circle who knew who John Fluevog or Camper was, which I found most shocking.

Dunter picked me up from the hotel around 10pm, and we walked past Ogilvy, a high-end department store on the way to his motorcycle, which resulted in me going on a long rant on how I don’t see the big deal about Louis Vuitton… even the real things look cheap! So frustrating…

Dunter and I went to Club Tool, a goth dance club, to meet some more friends. It was ‘medical’ themed night, but there weren’t that many nurses. There were more patients that medical staff…

The music and venue was way better than Club Sin, and I wondered why no one had ever brought me here before. I actually knew some of the songs that were played! They played Justice twice, which was my favourite group 2 years ago.

Around 2am, we went to a nearby diner, with an authentic 1950’s interior. Dunter had a sandwich, but I wasn’t at all hungry after the big meal out with Jason & Valerie, so just kept to my glass of tap water. It was a humble end to a busy evening.

So there’s my day in a nutshell!


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