Piano Through the Window

Mount Royal statue
An old picture I took while at Mount Royal, but fitting for classical music.

After work today, Nicole requested that I come to McGill to hear her practice piano. She had a class-concert to give and wanted to play in front of someone before hand. We found an empty practice room (that smelt of cabbage!) with a glossy black grand piano in it, and sat together on the bench.

Nicole assigned me to turn the music pages for her, but I got so distracted by watching her posture and hands move as she played that I often missed my cue! I was in awe of the elegance and movement of her hands. They were like graceful birds in flight; dipping, gliding, and caressing the clouds. It was so beautiful!

Nicole played a Sonate by Mozart, then Clair de Lune– which happens to be one of my all-time favourites of classical music. It was stunning to hear Clair de Lune be played live in such a small space! I decided to watch the piano cords instead as they were less distracting than Nicole’s hands, which made me a better page-turning.

After Nicole had played each piece, we sat on the piano bench with our backs against the window. The sounds of other students practicing drums, opera, and piano wafted through the open window, and although they were all random, they somehow went well together. Nicole and I discussed the men in our lives until I started to yawn (I’d been up since 5am!). So, I walked Nicole to the main library and headed home.

I walked home in the rain along Sherbrooke Street, listening to Philip Glass and Arvo Part on my iPod as I admired all the window displays. There are various designer shops and posh art galleries along that street of street, and at night, they are all lit-up, which allows for a closer study of the splendor within. I enjoyed my walk.

Eventually I turned off Sherbrooke and walked down St. Mathieu to the little Lebanese grocery store  by the metro there. I wanted to get some spinach bread, but as it was 11pm at night, they were sold out! So, I settled for some puffy bread pastries filled with spinach and tomato for my lunch tomorrow, a jam cookie for dessert, and some spinach-flavoured couscous for the weekend (I like spinach).

Once home, I unpacked my bags from Toronto as I text message conversation with Dunter on my iPhone (he’s still sick and his throat is too sore to talk). Once everything was put away, I sat own at my computer with a bag of baby carrots to munch on while I typed… and wrote about my day!


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