Mum’s Visit : 1.0

"Pigeon" as seen during our trek from Laurier Station to Le Cagibi.

My mum came to visit this weekend, for the first time since I moved to Montreal. She arrived an hour before I go off work, so I text messaged her secretly on my iPhone until my shift was over, then met her at the train station.

We went home, and I gave Mum a quick tour of the small apartment I share with Chloe, before Mum went off to bed. I couldn’t quite bare the idea of going to bed before 11am, so stayed up for another couple hours on the Internet on my iPhone while sitting in the dark living room so not to disturb my slumbering mother.

I slept in until 10am the following morning. Mum had been up since 5am. We had breakfast together, then went to Laurier Station to walk up St. Laurent to St. Viateur. We went in various design shops along the way, and admired some from just the outside as well. One in particular, called Galerie CO, had a bunch of cardboard Christmas trees and little wire Christmas ornaments. It had all sorts of stylish gifts, priced from reasonable to extravagant. I was very impressed by this, as it is rare to find a design shop one can actually afford things at!

We went to Le Cagibi for elevenths and sat in the backroom. I had been there once before with Tristan, and was greatly amused by a philosophy debate going on in a nearby table, being headed by a dark-haired version of Tristan. He looked, dressed, and talked similar to Tristan- but wasn’t as tall. Their heated conversion ended just as Mum and I were about to leave, and who rose from the table- but a girl I knew from co-op! So ironic! (I met Tristan, and many other amazing people at co-op, the housing co-operative I lived at from 2007 to 2009)

After we’d finished our cappichinos and croissant, we walked in the direction of the larger of the bagel bakeries on St. Viateur. We of course got distracted along the way to go into the health food store to buy beer (?!), a pastry shop to buy some mouth-watering delicacies for Sunday, and a little grocery store to buy a mini Christmas tree.

The tree was particularly thrilling. It was a little evergreen, about one foot high, in a little green pot, selling for just $7! I walked down the street very proudly holding onto my prized possession, and it made quite the conversation piece at the bakery. It’s like having a baby!

We were feeling a little tired by then, so went home to have lunch (bagels!) and tea. Mum had a nap and I puts around the house until 3:00. Then we went out again, this time to Jean Talon Market. We got rather lost along the way, but fortunately the Maps application on my iPhone saved us (Mum was very entertained by the moving blue dot. It was difficult to get my phone back once I showed her!).

Ever since I first set foot in the Market, I wanted to take Mummy. We went to the fancy meat shop and bought horse and bunny, then bought veggies to make stew, fresh goat cheese, port and pepper pate, as well as some Christmas presents I wont go into detail of (don’t worry, they’re not perishable).

My shopping bag was very heavy by then, and I was happy to get on the subway home. Once in our cozy, warm apartment, we set about making supper. Mum instructed me form the computer (she was working on some artwork) while I put her words into actions within the kitchen. It took a long time to make the stew. In particular, it was the rabbit that was the nuisance. I found it very difficult to separate the meat from the bone. Perhaps this is why I only cook vegetables for myself…

While the stew stewed, I wrapped some Christmas presents and set the table. The stew didn’t turn out too well. I put too much olive oil in, and not enough rabbit. I made Mum a black velvet, then drank the beer we’d got from the health food store, and sat down to watch the Miss Marple mystery; A Caribbean Mystery. Both the beer and the movie were very good!

Now Mum lays (hopefully sleeping) in my bed as I type away four feet away. The space-bar on my keyboard is particularly noisy. I never quite noticed it until now. Hm…


One Reply to “Mum’s Visit : 1.0”

  1. It was such a pleasure to read about you two going around my old haunts. I lived just down the street from my beloved Marché Jean Talon for years, and I also know many of the places you mention here. Delightful to think of you there because I really like Montréal.

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