Honey & Almond Cake

Winter's coming...

I am sitting at my computer listening to Loreena McKennit. I went to go see the John William Waterhouse exhibit at the Beaux-Arts Museum today with Valeria and it reminded me of her music. I enjoyed the exhibit. There was poetry written on the walls, myths, and stories to go with the paintings. I particularly liked his use of light, and his different values of red. You could almost smell the roses in his paintings- and they were nice roses, not those silly long-stem roses you see everywhere now.

Last Sunday, I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art with my Mum. I particularly liked the Francine Savard exhibit which consisted of monochromatic canvasses and sans serif typography. I felt like I was in colour theory class all over again! The Tacita Dean exhibit was neat too, as it consisted of many screens either suspended or sitting in the dark room where the video piece Stillness was projected on them. It was pretty cool.

On Wednesday, I went out for lunch with my friend Nick. He wanted to take me to the vegan restaurant Chu Chia, but it was closed for lunch, so we went to L’Academie for mussels instead… and ended up eating honey and almond cake too!

That night, I went to Dunters where I made dinner while Dunter put his new kitchen table together. We set out candles, poured pomegranate juice into wine glasses, and enjoyed a hearty meal of pesto on pasta with fresh basil leaves and cherry tomatoes on top!

Afterward dinner, we went to see the film Planet 51. I’ve always been very resistant to see ‘kids’ movies, but this one was hilarious! There were so many sexual jokes and pop culture references that I was in constant stitches of laughter.

My favourite character was Rover, a robot dog based on the ‘rover’ robots sent to Mars to take photographs by NASA. The real life robots sent back pictures of rocks, which Planet 51 poked fun at with Rover, who was obsessed with rocks that he never bothered to take pictures or collect any of the plant-life or proof of alien existence. He was adorable!


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